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No. All the owners by deed must sign the mortgage. A lender will require all owners to sign the mortgage in case there is a default and the lender takes possession of the property. If all owners didn't transfer their interest to the lender the lender cannot foreclose of the property. If the deed and mortgage are both done at the same time, all the owners by deed must sign the mortgage. A lender will require all owners to sign the mortgage in case there is a default and the lender takes possession of the property. If all owners didn't transfer their interest to the lender the lender cannot foreclose of the property.

Also take note that if a parent grants a mortgage to a bank there is a due on transfer clause in the mortgage. That means if there is a transfer of ownership the bank can call in the full amount of the loan. Therefore if the parent transfers the property to their children after they have mortgaged the property, the bank can demand payment of the mortgage in full.

You should seek legal advice before you act.

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Q: If your name is not on mortgage application can it be put on deeds?
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Can a property in the name of one party be put in 2 names if there is no mortgage?

Yes just go to the registry of deeds and pay a small fee to have it recorded.

If you are moving into your partner's house how do you put your name on the mortgage?

Unless your partner adds your name to the title and then refinances, there is no way for you to get on the mortgage.

Can I get a mortgage in my name using my live-in boyfriend's income?

No. In order to obtain a mortgage in your name, you have to prove that you, as the mortgage holder, will be able to pay the mortgage yourself. The banks do not consider a live-in boyfriend's income a reliable source of income for yourself, nor can they hold him responsible for payment if the mortgage is in your name. You will have to get the mortgage based on your income, unless you and he put the mortgage in both names, using both of your incomes.

If your fiance has already been approved but you are not working right now can he put your name on the mortgage?

In order for your name to be on the mortgage, you would have to be a co-borrower, in which case your income, credit and liability information would have to be considered in qualifying the mortgage.

I have mortgage but i would like to delete my name and put my brother name.?

That's illegal (it's fraud).

Where to put a jr on anjob application is it after the family name or the first name?

The Jr. is normally put after the family name, when putting your legal name.

Husband-and-wife buy a house together the wife's name is not put on the deed until the second mortgage but the second mortgage is now paid off do we still share the deed of trust?

If a husband and wife buy a house together and the wife's name is not put on the deed until the second mortgage, yes, the deed is still shared after the second mortgage is paid off.

If you apply for a mortgage loan can you put your husbands income on the application also even if he is not applying for the loan with you?

You can use income that is at your disposal. If you will have access to your husband's income as a household income for this mortgage then yes you can. If you are separated and he will not be living in the house then the answer would be no.

Can an unmarried couple that buy a house then break up can one person get the house put in their name and force the other person to sign off of the mortgage?

If both names are on the mortgage you both have rights. Never sign anything that cancels your right to your share. See a solicitor who will negotiate for you, particularly if there is equity in the property. Also you must bear in mind that if you remain on the mortgage and you both go your separate ways you are still liable for the charges on that mortgage. You must decide whether you want to be removed completely. Otherwise the other person could run up debts by not paying the mortgage and this will also blacklist you. It will make it very difficult for you to get a new mortgage in the future if your mortgage account is not managed well. The mortgage lenders will look for payment from both parties if your name remains on the deeds.

Can a second mortgage put your home in foreclosure?

Yes, any unpaid mortgage can put your home in jeopardy of foreclosure.

How do you know if someone put property in your name?

You can check the grantee index at the land records office to see if any deeds have been recorded in your name.

Can a lien be put on your home if you have no mortgage?

Yes, a lien is put on your home because you have liability and it doesn't matter whether you have mortgage or not.

Should you put your home in your daughters name?

If it is your intent to gift the home to your daughter, and if it is permitted by the mortgage holder, yes.

Can you refinance into a different name?

As long as you remain on title and deed, you can put the mortgage note under someone else name and still be considered an owner of the property. In fact a 1% owner of a property can hold a mortgage note legally.

Does it matter what address you put on a job application?

yes it does matter what address you put on a job application, the address you put on a job application is supposed to be where you reside, no where else.

How do you have your name put on your mother's property?

It is not a wise decision to put your name on your mother's property due to tax reasons. However, it can be done, when a name is added to the deed of the property, it needs to go through the bank who holds the mortgage and the court.

What information do you put in a passport?

Your name, birthday, and photograph picture. The full information is on the passport application.

Where will you put mortgage payable on a general ledger?

credit mortgage payable in the liability side of the balance sheet

How put your name on the back of a England kit on facebook?

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I inherited a home how can i get the mortagage put in my name to refinance at a lower rate?

You cannot inherit a mortgage. The estate can transfer the decedent's rights in the property, but the mortgage will have to be settled. If the person inheriting it has a good enough credit rating, the bank may be willing to give them a mortgage and settle the other one.

I have a second mortgage on my property in my deceased husband's name the first mortgage is in mine can a bank with a second mortgage put a lien on my property if it is not paid?

You really ought to see an attorney because there are several things that don't quite make sense and states vary on borrower and lender rights (you don't even identify where you are). PS if there is a 2nd mortgage then that is already a lien on the property and there would seem to be no need for that lender to put yet another lien on it; all it may need to do is foreclose and that could jeopardize your first mortgage too!

What is the meaning of a self certificate mortgage?

Simply put, a self certificate mortgage is a mortgage granted on an employee's statement of income as opposed to their employer's or accountant's statement of income.

If your husband has a mortgage in his name only and was 60 days late how can the mortgage company put it on your credit report and add your name to the loan when you never signed anything?

The mortgage company can not add your name to a loan that you did not close on. However.... Several states allow companies that extend credit to hold both spouses liable if they are married at the time the debt was incurred. I would recommend that you talk to legal counsel in your state if you are in this situation.

Can you put your house mortgage in on bankruptcy?

Yes you can, in fact, you are required to list all creditors, which would include your mortgage lenders.