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Is it normal to get burning breasts during early pregnancy or could it be PMS week and half early?

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Just to be sure you should take a pregnancy test. If you go to walmart they range from about 10-25 dollars. If you still aren't sure go to your local health clinic and talk to a nurse there. If it is still 10 days to your period even if an egg was fertilised it will not yet have implanted so it is impossible to have pregnancy symptoms.
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Is discharge during early pregnancy normal?

Answer . \nYES\n. \nYou have lots of new hormones surging round your body and they increase the blood flow to the uterus and vagina which increases the discharge from the

Is constipation normal during early pregnancy?

Answer . Yes, the changes in your hormones causes constipation in some woman. You should drink lots of water, eat a lot of fiber, watch your calcium intake as it can harden

What do your breasts look like during early pregnancy?

They look normal but they usually start growing rather rapidly. I went up a full cup size the first week I was pregnant. They usually will feel itchy like you are wearing a sw

Is it normal to have occasional brown discharge every few weeks during early pregnancy?

It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy

Your breast were leaking today Last week you spotted 3 days very light a week early you have had a negative pregnancy test What other reason could your breast be leaking?

First, you have to calm down. Don't panic. Pregnancy tests take some time to work properly. You won't find the results within a day of conception. Hormonal imbalances ca

Could the fluttering during early pregnancy be the pregnancy or gas?

You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements duri

Are cramps normal to have during early pregnancy?

Yes Cramps are often caused by low nutrients. Your body has just begun spending its nutrients on creating a child, it leaves your own body with less to function. If proper n