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Is it possible for a human to only have one kidney as a birth defect?

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What happens if you only have one kidney?

One fully functioning kidney has the ability to clear all wastes from the body (that two kidneys would have), since healthy humans use only about 20-25% of their kidney capaci

Is it possible to synthesize human kidney by biotechnology?

  It is possible to regenerate (synthesize) kidneys if appropriate template is available. The procedure is called Tissue engineering wherein ,scientists try to grow the en

Why is it possible to have only one kidney?

The body needs to purge the "impurities" it obtains by way of consumption of liquid and food. By doing this the kidneys through diffusion of certain substances, mainly salt or

Do you have only one kidney?

No. You have two kidneys.

How can humans survive with only one kidney?

Simple - humans only need half of one kidney to provide all the blood filtration necessary to maintain life. Having one whole kidney provides a 100% reserve in case of infecti

Is it ok for you to have only one kidney?

It is ok for you to have only one kidney. The kidneys are quite  amazing. The remaining kidney will often grow in size and will  function very well on its own, easily taking