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Is it possible to lick your elbow?

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Elbow LickingThis is from Guinness World Records: "Elbow Licking. Contrary to popular urban legend, it is quite possible to lick your own elbow. Guinness World Records receives about five claims a day for this and stresses the following point: Being able to lick your own elbow is not, in any sense, a world record. If you're one of the rare few who can lick your elbow, save it for the water cooler."
It is possible to lick your own elbow. There is an urban legend that says that it is impossible to kiss your own elbow and if you do, it says you will turn into the opposite sex. Of course this is not true.
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How can you lick your elbow?

Some people can some people can't. Some are flexible enough to reach, some dislocate their shoulder or are double jointed. I can lick my elbow though I don't think I am double

Can an average human lick their elbow?

No, it is physically impossible for a normal person to lick their elbows, simply because the tongue cannot stretch far enough. Not true at all. I am physically able to lick my