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Is it the law in Maryland to use a turn signal?

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As of 2010 the answer is no. It is recommended to use your turn signals when changing lanes, but not a law.
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When you should use turn signals?

When you are making a turn, when you are changing lanes, or when you are pulling away from the curb or are parallel parking. Activate turn signals 200' before making a turn.

When were the first automobile turn signals used?

In 1925, Edgar A. Walz , Jr. secured a patent for the first modern automobile turn signal [ citation needed ] . He marketed the device to all the major automobile manufactu

Why does the Third brake light blink when turn signal is in use?

You probably have a turn signal bulb with two filaments one for the turn signal and one for the brake light. If the ground connection is bad on the turn signal circuit then th

What are the motorcycle turn signal laws for Pennsylvania?

Signals are not required (75.4303(c)). And when installed, use is  not required (hand signals rquired if not used). One exeception may  be if you have a trailer and the dist

Why should you use your turn signals well advance of a turn?

because if the other car that is stopped at a stop sign and you are going to turn on that street, the car stopped will know he can go. --------- To signal is to indicate o

Can you use your turn signal in the game gta 4 for ps3?

There is no mechanism to use indicators in GTA 4. Probably because one of the main pastimes is speeding down the road like a maniac being pursued by the cops, when indicators

Car shuts off when turn signal is used?

A car that shuts off when the turn signal is used indicates a major  short in the electrical system. When the turn signal is used, it  cause a massive draw on the power and

Is it illegal in Arizona to not use your turn signal when turning?

It depends.  ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES REGARDING LANE CHANGES AND TURN  SIGNALS  28-729. Driving on roadways laned  for traffic  If a roadway is divided into two or  more