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Is it the law in Maryland to use a turn signal?

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As of 2010 the answer is no. It is recommended to use your turn signals when changing lanes, but not a law.
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When were the first automobile turn signals used?

In 1925, Edgar A. Walz , Jr. secured a patent for the first modern automobile turn signal [ citation needed ] . He marketed the device to all the major automobile manufactu

Do you have to use your turn signals to change lanes?

Yes, definitely. This is very important, not only so that cars behind you know that you are switching lanes, but also the cars in the neighboring lane will know you are switch

What is the use of turn signal light switch?

To inform other drivers of your intent to turn. Or when used in unison as a warning that the vehicle is in trouble or stopped or broken down on the side of a carriageway. Imp

When you should use turn signals?

When you are making a turn, when you are changing lanes, or when you are pulling away from the curb or are parallel parking. Activate turn signals 200' before making a turn.

What are the motorcycle turn signal laws for Pennsylvania?

Signals are not required (75.4303(c)). And when installed, use is  not required (hand signals rquired if not used). One exeception may  be if you have a trailer and the dist