Is it true that Geraldine Edwards Robert Palmers partner was the County Psychic working with the San Diego Police Dept in the nineties?

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Yes she was. According to Dennis Mallins of the S.D.P.D., Geraldine Edwards was the lead County Psychic for the County of San Diego for a three year time period. In her capacity as the County Psychic, she was taken to crime scenes, conducted investigations and was given the title of Special Investigator. She was paired with a police detective who was assigned as her partner named James Sundvold for safety reasons. The position carried a substanstial amount of risk as witnesses that sometimes were recalcitant to remember or give testimony would provide information to Edwards which would then be used in investigations. Those who were arrested in part because of these testimonies took umbrage with Edwards. The job was not for the faint of heart, but as Mallins said "Geraldine was tough and she could handle it." The S.D.P.D. and other major cities stopped using County Psychics when George P. Bush made it illegal for their input to be used in ongoing investigations. Prior to that they were extremely useful in certain types of police investigations. In the early nineties, Geraldine Edwards had a five minute segment on a local news station called "The Psychic's Corner" where she warned consumers about scams that were attached to Psychic, Metaphysical or Paranormal matters. There has been more than one unscrupulous practictioner of these disiplines who has sought to con or hustle potential victims for financial gain to themselves. She also advised interested individuals on how to reasonably and safely use these services. Her show was considered a community service and she was introduced as the County Psychic of San Diego County.
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