Is it true that one of the signs of pregnancy is a higher temperature and if so what does your temperature usually run when you are pregnant?

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Hello -
No this isn't true. Some women do claim their temperature increases by a few degrees when they conceive but there is no actual medical proof of this. During the evening the basal body temperature will of increased. The BBT (Basal body temp) will also increase during your ovulation time, period time, after having hot food or drink and when your feeling a bit under the weather.
A increase in temperature isn't exactly pregnancy related hun. Wait till your period is due. If it doesnt arrive - then test.
Trish - you seem to be misguided and I'm afraid you are wrong, or rather your answer is incomplete and ill informed. Your temperature can of course indicate pregnancy IF there is a substained rise for 16 days or more past your ovulation, that does not drop or plummet. Visit a site that tells you everything about charting your way to conception. Of course other things can influence your temperature, BUT if you take your temperature at the same time each day BEFORE you get out of bed and move around, aswell as charting other fertility signs like Cervical Fluid and Cervical Position, you will feel empowered to learn all about the ups and downs of your own body, an overall picture will form giving you very accurate information about fertile times, non fertile times, and indicators that pregnancy has been achieved. Of course you take a HPT to confirm this. I would strongly advise you and the asker of this question to visit so that you can improve your knowledge and better advise others in future. It is medically proven by the way, ask your doctor. Have fun !
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Will your temperature be higher if you are pregnant?

Answer . \nYes.\n. \nIf you are charting your temperature, you will find that your temperature drops as you prepare to ovulate and then rises to "normal" once you have finished ovulating. If you are pregnant, you will not see this drop as your body will not ovulate.. Answer . Your temp wi (MORE)

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Are high temperatures signs of pregnancy?

Your body temperature usually increases when you become pregnant but if that is your own symptom there are probably other causes for this.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your f (MORE)

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The usual temperature of a healthy person is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are sick, then either your body temperature is higher or lower than that. If your body temperature is higher than that, then you have a fever.

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