Is karaikal the capital of puducherry?

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Pondicherry is the capital city and the largest city of the union territory of Puducherry, India.
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What is capitalism?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes capitalism as "an economicsystem characterized by private or corporate ownership of capitalgoods; and by prices, production and distribution of goods that aredetermined mainly by competition in a free market." It isinteresting to note that the word "capitalis (MORE)

What is capital?

The word capital is another word for money; or the machines, tools, and buildings used in the production of goods and services. "A capital" can be a capital letter (upper case). . "A capital" is also a city that is the seat of government for a nation or state, or sometimes smaller government divis (MORE)

When do you capitalize?

Capitals are used at the start of sentences, for proper names and proper nouns, titles of books, magazines, plays.

When do you capitalize 'from'?

Never capitalize "from" in a title, unless it is the first or last word. "From" is a preposition, and prepositions of four letter or less are not supposed to be capitalized. (Some people capitalize longer prepositions, some don't, but that doesn't matter in this case).

What is a capital?

The word "capital" is used to mean - wealth (money or other assets) used in economic production - an uppercase letter (A, Z) - a center of political operations for a state, region, or country Governmental Center A capital is a city which holds the the seat of government for a nation or state, or (MORE)

What is the capital of Australian Capital Territory?

The Australian Capital Territory does not have a capital. Australia's national capital is Canberra , and theAustralian Capital Territory was created purely to be the site forthe nation's capital. Although Canberra is within the ACT, it isnot the "capital" of the ACT, as the territory itself is allf (MORE)

What are capitals?

Capital letters are UPPER CASE. Capitals are also cities where the governments of nations or states are located.

When to capitalize?

At the beginning of a sentence or when using a name of a noun, and also when the word "I" is used.

What is capitalisms?

Pure capitalism is simply the power of capital over all else. Or to put it simply a system of dog eat dog. It is doubtful whether a system of capitalism will ever be able to come into being because it takes no responsibility for anything but its own well being. capitalism is anarchic in nature .

Why do you capitalize 'i'?

There really is no specific reason. We just capitalize "I" even though similar words such as "you," "he," and "we," are left lowercase.

What are capitalizations?

When You capitalize a the first letter at the beginning of a sentence or when a word is a proper noun

When did Mexico's capital become the capital?

Mexico-Tenochtitlan was the capital of the ancient Aztec empire, founded on March 13, 1325. When Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs on August 13, 1521, he decided to keep such city as the capital of the New Spain. Finally, when Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico City was alrea (MORE)

What is your capital?

in you live in New York its Albany so if you don't live in NY Albany is not the capital metguy7

When can you capitalize 'you'?

1. At the beginning of a sentence. 2. In the title of a book, film, article etc. 3. When indicating a holy person or object.

Why is me not capitalized?

It's not a proper noun. Its a pronoun. The only pronouns that are capitalized by convention are "I" and pronouns referring to God. The grammar rules of the English language have a lot of oddities because of the diverse origins that merged into Standard North American English, and all the other v (MORE)

What does capitalism do?

Capitalism refers to the accumulation of capital (money seeking to grow itself) through investments, finance and venture capital activities. This refers to the process of "making money", which is actually just an accumulation of existing money in circulation within the economy. Supposedly, the pr (MORE)

Do you capitalize that?

If you literally mean the word 'that', then only if it's at the beginning of the sentence.

How does a capital become the capital?

It has to be the seat of the government of the country or province. Some countries such as South Africa have more than one capital, because different branches of government meet in different cities (the Parliament meets in Cape Town, but the President lives in Pretoria and the judiciary is located i (MORE)

Is the venture capital a risky capital?

It depends on the source, what their terms are, do they have the financial resources to back you when you really need to grow, is it going to be a short term investment or are they in for the long haul? These are just a few things you must have in writing before accepting any offer of capital. Also (MORE)

Do you capitalize with?

You can, but only if: 1. You are starting a sentence. E.G: 'With the gold in his hands' 'With the safe locked' ETC 2. You are making a title for a book/film. Hope this helps :)

Why do you capitalize I?

I should always be capitalized eve n whe n it is used i n the middle of the se nte nce. This is a rule i n capitalizatio n.

Is puducherry a state?

Why would i tell you the answer noob. go do your homework with the books and learn something.

What to capitalize?

The Emergency Reserve is only used as a last resort after the Contingency Reserve has been exhausted to provide funding in the event of an unanticipated or unforeseen extraordinary nature such as costs related to a natural disaster, emergency or unexpected costs created by Federal or State legisla (MORE)

Is THAT capitalized?

Well it depends on the certain way you are saying it, if you are starting a sentence the yes but if you are not the no.

What is capitalizing?

Turning something into (a) capital; this covers all of its common usages, including turning a letter into uppercase, making the most of an opportunity, and making a place the capital of its region.

Why is there capitalism?

Firstly, no one has pure capitalism. Secondly, you likely have capitalism because, relative to older forms of social organisation, capitalism has been far more effective and better for not only individuals but society as a whole. Thirdly, capitalism continues to survive, largely, because the system (MORE)

Do you capitalize 'Have'?

The word "have" is capitalized if it's the first word in a sentence, e.g., "Have you ever been to London?" If, however, the word "have" appears in the middle of a sentence, there is no need to capitalize it, e.g., "I have never been to London."

Does capital have to be capitalized?

Not unless it is part of a proper noun (a named thing or group)such as Capital Police. Referring to cities, a capital is the seatof government. The name (e.g. Ottawa, New Delhi) is capitalized,but not the word capital when it refers to it.

Concept of capital and capital maintenance?

The concepts of capital give rise to the following concepts of capital maintenance : 1. The financial capital maintenance concept is that the capital of a company is only maintained if the financial or monetary amount of its net assets at the end of a financial period is equal to or exce (MORE)

When do you capitalize i?

"I" is capitalized if it is the beginning letter of a name, for example the name of the country India. One must also capitalize "I" if her or she is using it to refer to himself/herself. For example, in the sentence "I am hungry."

How do you apply nit puducherry?

If you have given AIEEE then you don't have to do anything , you will get NIT puducherry as one of your choices in counselling process. If you haven't, then you can't apply separately for the same..

Is from capitalized?

It depends on the context. In letters or notes, it should be capitalized at the end.

When is he or his capitalized?

"He" and "his" may be capitalized when the word begins a sentence, or refers to God, a king (His Majesty), or a religious leader such as the Pope (His Holiness).

What is capital him?

Capital H - i - m means "Him" which refers to a higher power such as God, turning this regular pronoun into a proper noun to give it significance.

What is Oklahoma's capital and when did it become the capital?

The capital of oklahoma is Oklahoma City. By one reckoning, it has been the capital since 1910. The first capital was at Guthrie, slightly farther north. It was established as the territorial capital by the 1890 Organic Act, and was to remain the capital until 1913. However, when statehood came i (MORE)

Why is Oregon's capital the capital?

The territorial capital of Oregon was moved from Oregon City afterthe California Gold Rush, as the population shifted to Portlandjust to the north. Competing interests between Portland andCorvallis led to the establishment of the capital at Salem whichlies between the two. Corvallis was briefly the (MORE)

Is capital building capitalized?

The spelling, which is capitol , is only capitalized when indicating one certain building. The word capital in this use means the city or governmental seat, not the building. Examples: "We visited the state capitol and also toured the state capital." (city) "The Louisiana State Capitol is located (MORE)

Do you capitalize on?

Not unless the word "on" begins a sentence. "On" is a preposition. In titles, prepositions should not be capitalized.

What is capital-?

The word capital can mean a few things. Capital can be the name ofa credit card or the name of a city.

Where is the capital Kathmandu the capital city?

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is in the Central region (betweenthe Western and Eastern. The city stands at an elevation ofapproximately 1,400 metres (4,600 feet ) above sea level in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley of centralNepal. The city is bounded by several other municipalities of theKathm (MORE)