Is kshatriya raju caste a forward or backward caste?

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the caste name is kshatriyas, raju is not name of the caste they are the only recoginsed vedic kshatriyas of south india
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What caste does Raju belong to?

Raju is a Telugu variation of the Sanskrit word Raj and Raja meaning King , Prince or Lord. Rajus (Rajulu in Telugu) is used to refer to a prominent an

What caste raju belong to in Sikhism?

Raju or RAZU ( According to 'Castes and Tribes of Southern India' book by Thurston) is a Forward caste in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. They are also known as Andhra Ksh

How can kshatriyas do to change to a different caste?

if you are a female, marry into one. The most important way is to acquire knowledge about your religion and practice it properly. After gaining wisdom you can become a full de

Is debnath caste is backward caste?

One must know the following: 1) What is Hinduism, 2) What is Brahmanism or Vedic religion. 3) What are Non Vedic religions. Nath is a separate religion comes under Non Ved

Is tonk kshatriya caste is higher than scheduled caste?

Tonk Kashatriya is higher class people. Tonk is palace andkshatriya from Tonk are Tonk Kshatriya. Tonk Kshatriya people areRajput families. The Kshatriya people pray to bittha