Is petroleum jelly a by product of crude oil?

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How is petroleum connected to crude oil?

Commonly, Petroleum is regarded as a very close synonym of Crude Oil. However, according to Britannica Encyclopedia, petroleum as a technical term encompasses: the liquid (cru

What is the difference between crude oil and petroleum?

Petroleum is a word derived from Latin: Petra - rock, oleum - oil. Thus, in direct translation petroleum means oil from rock and is commonly regarded as a very close synonym

What are 10 different petroleum products that come from crude oil?

The different petroleum products are- . Fuel Gas . Naphtha . Light Kerosene . Heavy Kerosene . Light Gas Oil . Heavy Gas Oil . Gasoline . Diesel . Lubricating Oil .

How is crude oil turned into petroleum?

You heat crude oil in a refinery, and this will separate the various products almost as a distillery. Around 20 to 30 percent of the crude ends as basis for production of petr

Why is petroleum known as crude oil?

Crude oil straight out of the ground is not uniform (clean), but is composed of many fractions which can be extracted simply by weight. Other fractions can be 'cracked' by he

Why is petroleum called crude oil?

Petrol as u think of it is a refinement of crude oil. Crude oil includes all forms of carbon chain fuels and also impurities so crude would refer to its unrefined quality and

How you get hydrocarbons from petroleum or crude oil?

Petroleum or Crude oil is hydrocarbons. Petroleum processing is distillation-separation different fraction of hydrocarbons from each other. Petrochemical would further extract

Did crude oil means petroleum?

Petroleum is refined from crude oil and is but one fraction only