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Is social security a regressive or proportional tax?

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Inherently regressive because the burden falls on lower wages.
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Is corporate income tax progressive proportional or regressive?

US "C" Corps pay on their Federal Taxable Income (which differs, frequently substantially, from Book or financial income), at a 35% rate. Which means fixed and proportional to

Is a medicare levy a progressive or proportional or regressive tax?

The medicare tax is 1.45% of income (with another 1.45% paid by the employer). This same tax rate applies to every dollar of income, hence it is proportional. It's also regr

Is Social Security Taxes a progressive tax or proportional tax?

Social Security Taxes are a Proportional Tax . A Percentage of a person's income is paid to Social Security, this is half of the total amount paid to them, the Other half of a

Do your tax pay your social security?

The taxes that you are paying now for for the social security and medicare insurance program are being used to pay for the benefits that the current beneficiaries are receivin

Where do you find your social security tax?

Not sure what you are asking, but if you mean where do you find it on your paycheck stub, it is the number under the heading "F.I.C.A."

What is payroll taxes classified as regressive or proportional or progressive?

Payroll taxes are proportional, aka, progressive. A progressive tax recognizes that high income earners are more able to pay taxes than their low income counterparts, and that

Is there tax on your social security?

Yes -- if you have other sources of income, you have to pay regular federal income tax on 85% of what you get from social security. There is no state tax on it in my state,

What is the definition of social security taxes?

The amount of money deducted from your gross salary, supposedly put in a "lock box" for future use as a "retirement benefit" from US Govt. when one reaches the age of 62 or la