Is subway more bad for you than McDonald's?

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No. Subway is far healthier than McDonald's. McDonald's patties have many preservatives that can cause cancer, not to mention the grease and calories. Subway's food compared to McDonald's is healthier by default because they use clean ingredients, fresh dough made there, fresh veggies, and pure meat with no preservatives. Their food isn't fried it's baked which is also another healthy factor.
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What is bad about McDonald's food?

McDonald's, as well as other fast food establishments, is famous for the high fat and salt content of its meals. Eating such food can be unhealthy for many reasons, including increased risks of heart and circulatory system disease and obesity. . For most people, however, eating such food occasionally is not a significant hazard as long as they eat a more appropriate balanced diet most of the rest of the time. The food served by Mcdonald's, as well as most other fast food restaurants are high in fat content and generally considered as junk food. For nutrition information on Mcdonald's food, see the related link below.

Is subway bad for you?

As fast food restaraunts go, Subway is probably the healthiest there is. However their menu is far from nutritionally ideal. They are very healthy, now they have posting before you order about how many calories and fat in each sandwich. But easy on the mayo and cheese and bacon, stuff like that..

Is McDonald's bad?

Answer: Yes, McDonald's is bad because you'll gain weight that is unnecessary to gain and you will die of fatness. Answer: No, if eaten in moderation as with anything, it should be fine. If one keeps up with their health by eating right for the most part and staying active, eating McDonald's every now and again shouldn't have a dire effect on ones health. Yes, as a continuous source of nutrition, it is bad for you since there is far too much fat/salt/calories in all the food they serve. As a treat and in moderation it at least will fill a need to eat something.

Why is McDonald's bad?

McDonald's is bad for people that are fat put the people that are not fat well they can eat.

Has religion done more bad than good?

People has done bad not religion because there are good and bad followers in every religion. The correct thing to do is to judge a religion by its documented revelation from God and the prophet who brought that revelation. . A: 2 . Religion is responsible for most of the bigotry, oppression and wars in the world. Many people throughout the world have been oppressed, enslaved and slaughtered because of religion. Women have been persecuted and denigrated because of religion. . Religions and their Gods, has had more to do with human selfishness and greed than with righteousness, piety, compassion and spirituality. . The many greedy charlatans enjoy success and prosperity from the exploitation of gullible and impressionable individuals, while the weak and less affluent individuals are fooled with false promises of a paradise called Heaven, which can only be accessed after death. . It is an established fact that religion can be a very effective and rewarding tool in the hands of shrewd individuals. It can be used to enrich oneself financially or spiritually. It can also be used to manipulate and control others for good or evil ends. . It has been used as an effective political and commercial tool as evidenced by the many historic records of religious wars. . Religious leaders have used their dogma to oppress, victimize and terrorize those who refuse to subscribe to their particular brand of bigotry. . A: 3 Religion can be considered to have done more good than bad. But religion can not be blamed, just the people who use it. Generally from my understanding most religions try to teach good for what ever reason, people have easily manipulated the information to use in their own ways to get what they want. In my opinion I think it would be insane to think that without religion people would have had less wars/ more peace, they would simply have used different reasons or non at all to fight or gain more power, it is easy to blame something like religion but the right thing to blame would be human nature. Why blame religion? people created religion, blame the people, if they did not create religion there would be something else to blame, it is useless to blame something like religion.

Are McDonald's french fries bad?

McDonalds french fries are bad for you because of the fact that they are fried and have a lot of salt on them, but they do taste very good!

Why is McDonald's food bad for your health?

McDonald's and other "fast foods" are considered "bad" because of specific nutritional content. The foods are higher in fat and sodium than most "home cooked" meals. They also contain numerous preservatives and artificial ingredients that have little or no nutritive value.

Why is McDonald's so bad for you?

McDonalds is full of salt and sugar which isn't healthy for the human body. As it has so much bad stuff in it, overnight it builds up in your body, causing you to put on weight. That's why you should not have it every day. By excercising you can get rid of that built up weight like: Running, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Jumping, Gym, etc. Therefore, that's why McDonalds is bad for you.

What is so bad about McDonald's?

There is nothing inheriently bad about McDonald's as long as thefood is eaten now and then, even though the food is not thathealthy and contains lots of preservatives. When eaten regularly,the food would not give you the nutrients your body needs, and thehigh levels of fat, salt, and preservatives could have a negativeaffect on your health.

How did McDonald's get bad press?

McDonalds got bad press because their advertisements were always aimed at children. They never encouraged children to eat healthy or exercise. The adverts got banned and now their adverts are with fruit bags or chidlren being active. There was also bad press when McDonalds claimed their fries were vegetarian friendly but it was later found out that there were beef extracts in them. This obviously angered a lot of vegetarians. The next thing McDonalds got bad press for was for killing animals unethically and in a cruel way. They now kill them 'correctly' Hope this helps.

Is subway healthier than McDonald's?

Subway has the potential to be healthier than McDonald's. If aperson orders a vegetarian sub with no dressings it is consideredhealthier than McDonald's burgers for example.

How is McDonald's bad for you?

The serving sizes are absolutely HUGE, especially the super-sizes or Big Macs. They also deep-fry their foods, which add lots of trans and saturated fats. Most people also don't know where they get their meat: most of the meat is probably from old dairy cows turned into hamburger and chickens that have been commercially raised for meat. All those things combined, plus others not mentioned here, are what make McD's bad for you.

Is McDonald's that bad?

Watch the film "Super Size Me". It is a documentary of a man who decided to eat only MacDonalds for one month. You will see the damage just one month of exposure to the substances added to MacDonalds can do. Another Answer Fast food is too crazy. Mcdonalds has too much fat and grease because of their burgers, fries, and meat over there. The burgers contain fatty meat that is full of grease, which can produce fat easily, even if you eat once. The meat was fattening due to the hormones from the unhealthy raised animal. The french fries are just deep fried in oil and grease. The fried chicken and fried beef contains too much grease and hormones. Since mcdonalds burgers, meat, and fries taste so good is because of the grease and frying. It is no wonder why mcdonalds is so fattening.

Is it bad to drink tea more than once daily?

Four to six cups (Or more depending on body weight) of tea can be consumed daily without ill effects. Several studies have been done to determine if consumption of tea offers protective effects against heart disease. One of them studied Japanese men and women... Japanese men who drank at least 4 cups (or more) of green tea had a lower incidence of heart disease. A more recent meta-analysis study estimates that consumption of at least 3 cups of tea a day decreased the risk of a heart attack by about 11%. In other words it is most likely good for you to drink tea several times a day. . \n

Is McDonald's good or bad?

food wise depends on your choice they offer many healthy choices like salads and wraps, and they have tick approved meals

IS COMPUTER gaming more good than bad?

Could be either. Consider: Playing cards or Monopoly can be an occasion for socializing with other people and also provide some variety in a sometimes-boring existence; on the other hand, you can spend so much time at it that you neglect the rest of your life. Computer gaming probably gives you LESS opportunity for interacting with other breathing humans than the older games.

Is McDonald's a bad job?

Not at all. McDonald's offers flexible schedules, good pay, discounted meals, and other great benefits.

Is McDonald's good or bad for your health?

well years ago people have tried the experiment. A man put down a mc donalds burger and a KFC burger. Ten years later the man checked in the room where the burgers were. The KFC one was all sloppy and the mc Donald burger was up right exept the cheese. That means that the KFC one is good and mc donalds burgers are NOT HEALTHY. answer:yes p.s you spelt health wrong.

Does McDonald's own subway?

Mc Vomit does not own subway. As a matter of fact subway recently surpassed Mc Pukes as America's largest fast food chain.

Does subway own McDonald's?

No. Mcdonalds is owned by Mcdonalds Corporation while Subway (Restaurant) is owned by Doctor's Associates If own is used in the context of "better than", yes as Subway is much more healthier than Mcdonalds. Also, there are more Subway chains than Mcdonald resteraunts.

Is it bad to exercise more than an hour?

no, you should exercise for at least an hour for you health. not hard exercise, just like speed walking, walking, or just doing something outside can help! well i hope i helped you

Is it bad to eat more than two vitamins a day?

Assuming you are referring to typical multivitamins, they have large safety margins, so taking two doses, even over a long period of time, is not going to hurt anyone. On the other hand, it's not likely to give you any particular benefit, so it's wasteful and expensive, as any excess of most vitamins will simply be excreted. There are a few vitamins, particularly D 3 , which many people actually need in larger doses than they are getting, but doubling up on a multivitamin mixture is not a good way to accomplish that.

Are there more Subways or McDonald's?

More Subways There are slightly more Subway Sandwich locations worldwide than McDonald's. Subway operates approximately 35,000 outlets, whereas McDonald's operates 32,000.

Is subway healthier then McDonald's?

Yes McDonalds is just a lot of processed foods, and the workers use their oils without changing them often. While subway has fresh ingredients right before your eyes

Is nail biting more than a bad habit?

Nail biting is beginning to be changed from an unclassified habit to a possible link to obsessive compulsive disorder and researchers continue to look more closely.

Is McDonald's healthier than Subway?

No, not at all. Subway is healthier than McDonald's. For one thing,Subway does not use oil for the most part; whereas many ofMcDonald's foods are fried. Also, Subway does not sell a lot ofbeef; cows today are raised on "factory" farms where they may neverget out of the barn and are in a small, confined space, are fedgrains that very likely contain GMOs, and may be given synthetichormones that are classified as drugs. Also, Subway offers avariety of vegetables, which are always better for health than ahamburger and fries.

Is McDonald's beef bad for you?

McDonald's beef is probably no worse for you than the meat youwould normally buy in a grocery store, except that it likely hasmore preservatives in it.

Are McDonald's hamburgers bad for you?

When it comes to "good" and "bad" regarding food there's always a balance between what , and how much /how often. The burgers only aren't that bad, but they are quite high in calories, particularly if you have fries and a soda too. They have quite a lot of salt too. One once a week is unlikely to be particulary important for your health, but if you eat too many/too often, you are likely to gain weight b/c of overeating.