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Is supply a verb or noun?

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The word 'supply' is both a verb and a noun.

The hotel can supply a guide for our excursion. (verb)
By the fifth day the supply of drinking water was gone. (noun)
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Is 'do' a noun or a verb?

The word 'do' is both a noun and a  verb.     The noun 'do' is a word for the first note on a musical scale; and  an informal word for a social event such as a par

List of nouns to change in to verbs?

Nouns that are also verbs:    arm  bear  change  date  edge  fly  grip and gripe  help  ice  joke  knife  level  mine  note  point  reason  star and stag

Is answer a verb or a noun?

The word answer can be either a verb or a noun, depending on how it is used. I have the correct answer. It is a noun in this sentence. Anytime the answer can be described as

What is a noun and what is a verb?

A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing. A verb is a word for an action or a state of being. Examples: The boy was running. . noun = boy , a word for a person;

Is he a verb or a noun?

'He' is a pronoun, a word which replaces a noun. Example: John is my brother, he attends the local college. The pronoun he replaces the noun John in the second part of the se

Is the a verb or a noun?

'The' is neither a verb nor a noun. It is 'the definite article' as opposed to 'a' which is 'the indefinite article'. CORRECTION- yes, as the person above said, it is the def

What are nouns and verbs?

Verb: A word that shows action or being! Noun: A word that names a person, animal, place or thing!

What is it when a verb is a noun?

The present participle of a verb, the -ing word, is also used as a noun called a gerund. The present participle can also be an adjective. Examples: Verb: We were swimming at

What is verb and what is noun?

A verb tells about actions - run, walk, drive, - or states - know, like, love. Nouns are the names of people, places and things - John, Paris, table, aardvark.

Is was a noun or verb?

Was is a verb: a past tense singular form of the verb "to be." (plural or 2nd person is were)

What is the noun or verb of the word contract?

The word 'contract' is both a verb and a noun.   The verb to 'contract' is to make smaller or to become  smaller; to acquire or incur; to enter into a formal agreement; a
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What is the noun for supply?

The noun 'supply' is a singular, common,  abstract noun; a word for an amount or quantity of something  that is available to use; a word for a thing.   Example: Our supp
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Is what a noun or a verb?

The word "what" is a pronoun, whether used as an interrogative  (What are you doing) or object (Listen to what I say).   It can also be an adjective (what school do you a
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Is why a verb or noun?

The word 'why' is an adverb, a conjunction, a noun, and an  interjection.    The adverb 'why' introduces a question or an adverbial  clause.   Examples:   Why