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The word 'supply' is both a verb and a noun.

The hotel can supply a guide for our excursion. (verb)
By the fifth day the supply of drinking water was gone. (noun)
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Is out a verb or a noun?

Out may be an adjective, an adverb, a noun, a preposition or a verb. You're out! adv. The road is out. adj. The road leads out of town. prep. We have three men on base with

Is will noun or verb?

It can be both and therefore depends on the context. Noun: A written document leaving a person's belongings and possessions to others after they are deceased. The elderly c

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Is you a noun or a verb?

You is a pronoun, a word that replaces a noun, which is a person, place, thing, or idea. Example (for this example, your name is Mark): 'Mark, you must have dropped this bo

Are what and will nouns or verbs?

'what' is an interrogative pronoun ( pronouns are those which are used to substitute nouns) whereas 'will' is a verb. Since it shows a sense of doing something.

Is 'that' a noun or a verb?

"that" is a pronoun. It is used in the place of the name of a thing (noun).

What is verb and what is noun?

A verb tells about actions - run, walk, drive, - or states - know, like, love. Nouns are the names of people, places and things - John, Paris, table, aardvark.

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The word 'were' is a verb , a form of past tense of the verbto be. Example: They were so happy.

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What is noun as verb?

The present participle of a verb, the -ing word, is also used as a noun called a gerund. The present participle can also be an adjective. Examples: Verb: We were swimming