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Yes. French is an important language in the arts, because of French achievements in architecture, art, dance, literature, and music. It's important in culinary arts, because of French achievements in fine dining and drinks. It's important in diplomacy, because of the historic French involvement with European politics, and with world politics through its far-flung former colonies. It's important in education, because of France's longstanding, old universities. It's important in engineering, because of such French achievements as the Paris subway and the tunnel under the English Channel. It's important in environmental sciences, because of French achievements in gardening and landscaping. It's important in research, especially in history and linguistics, because of such French achievements as the deciphering of the hieroglyphics of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It's important in science, because of such French achievements as the breakthrough understanding of radiation and radioactivity, and of pasteurization. It's important in sports, because of French achievements in athletics and outdoor activities.
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Why is the French language important?

French is the second most important language in business and in government globally. It is an official language spoken by many leaders in the European Union.

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:   * read books (that you already know in

How do you say in French language Can you speak French?

you can say "Parles-tu français?" "Est-ce que tu parles français?" "Tu parles français?" Or, in more formal situations(ex. you're meeting a stranger) you may replace "tu" w

Examples of french language?

Do you mean examples using the French language, as in sentences in French? If so here is a paragraph:   Bonjour je m'appelle (insert name here) et j'ai (age # here) ans. J'

If French is the language of love what is German the language of?

German is consider to be the language of science.   Some also claim that it is the language that poetry is best expressed.   And Germans call it the language of poets an

What is the script of french language?

French is written in the Phoenician alphabet, which is also used by many other European languages including English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Why is French the language of love?

When I took French in high school, I recall the teacher telling us, No wonder it's called the language of love. Many of the pronunciations require you to pucker your lips, whi
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Did the French language come from France?

Yes and no. It's the language of the Roman Empire (Latin) slightly modified by the original inhabitants (the Gauls) and considerably modified by later invaders, especially the

Is English language originated from the french?

English is not directly descended from French, but it is heavily  influenced by it. French is a romance language, meaning is is a  direct descendent of Latin, the language o