Is the iPad better than the iPod Touch?

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They are almost exactly alike, although the IPad is much bigger.
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What is better the iPod touch or the iPad?

The iPad is just a bigger version of the iPod Touch and more expensive, so the iPod Touch is better and cheaper. i think that the i pod touch would be better because it fi

Which is better - the iPad or the iPod Touch - and why?

The answer is dependent upon what you intend to use it for. For example: The iPad supports Wireless-N technology while the iPhone supports up to Wireless-G. The iPad s

Is the iPod touch or the iPad better?

iPod touch. Definetly! The ipad has MUCH less features than the ipod touch and it is the SAME EXACT THING except the ipod touch has more feautures. the new ipod touch 4g is al

Which is better iPod touch or iPad?

I recommend an ipod touch. The ipad is more expensive than the ipod touch. But it isn't really about money its about the size, the quality ,the weight (if for example your tak

What is better ipod touch or an iPad?

I've owned both. I am very addicted to my iPad. The screen is much higher resolution and the applications that have been written for it are very good. This platform (the iPad)

Which one is better the iPad or the iPod touch?

The IpodTouch is better than the Ipad because it is much cheaper and and you can call, text, take pictures, and also download apps for free so i would prefer the ipodtouch
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Which is better the iPad or the iPod Touch and why?

I believe the iPod Touch is better, because it is portable, way cheaper, and has the same features as an iPad. In my definition an iPad is just an exploded version of the iPod