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Yes, "is" is a word. It's the third person present tense of the verb "to be." (I am, you are, he or she or it is.)
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What is word?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nWord is an a program, usually on your desktop, where you type things up in stead of writing them.\n. \n .

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The word "IS" forms an identity between two things, or a thing and its aspects, or an action which is in progress. It is a form of the verb "to be" and in English does not dis

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The word 'the' is an article , a word that precedes a noun todistinguish the noun as a specific person or thing, or as a generalperson or thing. The article 'the' is the def

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So people can inquire

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The letter 'I' capitalized is a word. The word 'I' is a pronoun , the first person, singular,subjective personal pronoun. The pronoun 'I' is a word that takesthe place of a n