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Yes, "is" is a word. It's the third person present tense of the verb "to be." (I am, you are, he or she or it is.)
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What are the words and and but?

The word and is a conjunction, a word used to join  two (or more) words, two phrases, two clauses, or the parts of a  compound sentence.   Examples:   Jack and Mack

What is a word?

Word   A unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning" A brief statement

Words that have it in them?

  * with  * itself  * Italian  * itch  * italic  * pitch  * pit  * witch  * sit  * Italy  * item  * iterate  * twitch

Which is a word I or i?

The letter 'I' capitalized is a word.   The word 'I' is a pronoun, the first person, singular,  subjective personal pronoun. The pronoun 'I' is a word that takes  the pl

Does the word word count as a word in word documents?

All words count as words in a word document; Even the word "word." There is even a feature on many computers that lets you count the number of words in an essay you have writt

What words are in the word Charlemagne?

These are a very scant few, but better than nothing... name, male, real, glee, nag, game, hag, char, large, mar, ram, hear, gleam, meal, meager, march, arch, arc, mean, lean,

How many words can you make from the word word?

The words you can make with the word 'word' are: doorowrodrow But if you change it to words with an s swordorrodrodsrowrowssowsod OrDowRowRod these words are the only wor

Which words have are in them?

Some words that have 'are' in them:apparentareaarenabarecarecareerclaretdaredeclareensnarefareflareglarehareparent

What word has in in the word?

Some words that contain the word 'in' (without using the prefix in' or the suffix 'ing) are:againakinanginaattainbargainbeginbinbrainchincindercrinklecoindindomaindrainendocri

What is the word an?

The word "an" is the indefinite article that precedes words that start with a vowel pronunciation. An is an indefinite article. It has a counterpart in the English language