Is there MSG in round table pizza?

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Here is Round Table's own list of additives.

No MSG listed in the MSG column so no MSG in the food, right? WRONG!

Disodium Inosinate/ Gaunylat is an MSG enhancer so is almost always found in combination with MSG.

Hydrolyzed Corn Protein found in the red pizza sauce contains MSG but our government does not require this information to be disclosed
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Does Pizza Hut use MSG?

Yes, Pizza Hut does use Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Most fast food restaurants puts MSG in their food. MSG is highly addictive, that is why most people crave the same fast

How much MSG is in pizza?

About 5 teaspoon, in a whole pizza.. A different answer . It depends upon the formulation. There might be none.

Is there MSG in Pappa Johns Pizza?

I know for a fact it is in the pepperoni used at the Sedalia Missouri store. I had a reaction after eating it. It could have been they ran out of pepperoni and purchased some

How can you get round table pizza in Virginia?

I was born and raised in Hayward ca I always loved round table pizza I lived in concord for 5 years where round table was just around the corner. My wife recently flew from VA

How do you make round table pizza?

you take pizza dough . put it on a round table . strecth the pizza dough across the table . add olives, mushrooms and sauce . put it in the oven . and there you have made
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Is round table pizza halal?

Some are but you have to ask for a halal order some are owned by a muslim family's but some aren't
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Does Jet's Pizza have MSG?

yes but only in the ham, and the italian and ranch dressings