Is there a comma after ie in a sentence?

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The abbreviation "i.e.," which stands for the Latin phrase id est--"that is"--is written with lowercase letters and a period after each, and no space in between.

When you use it in a sentence to signify "that is," you do follow it with a comma:

  • Jacob held the highest office in the club; i.e., that of president.
  • The process of electrolysis breaks water down into its components; i.e., hydrogen and oxygen.

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What does the ie at the end of a sentence mean?

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Yes. There are periods after each letter, both letters are italicised, and a comma follows the second period: " i.e. , ... ".. It is an abbreviation of the Latin term, ' id

Is there a comma after ie?

Every style manual I have referenced indicates that the proper use is to include the comma so that it looks like this: i.e.,

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The abbreviation of the Latin term "id est" is "i. e. ," whichtranslates literally as "that is" and can be used to replace thephrases "in other words" or "in essence. " An exa

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'I support Leyton Orient Football Club, i.e. the only full-time professional Association Football team based in Leyton, London, England.' It is not a very good example and te
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