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A proforma bill of lading takes a similar role to a "bill of lading instruction" because it is part of the work up to agree on items and terms contained in the bill of lading, when issued. For example, the proforma calculates all freight charges and surcharges. This is then read by shipper and may be commented on for revision / re negotiation, etc, before agreeing to tender the cargo for convenience. The shipper may first send Bill of Lading Instructions to the carrier for sake of naming consignee and describing the cargo.
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Are named Bill of lading and straight bill of lading the same?

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What is bill of lading and types of bill of lading?

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What is a Switch bill of lading?

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it is not negotiable at a bank or any other institution and cannotbe exchanged for money, it is just a receipt of cargo release is not as secure as an original bill of lading