Is there a scope shade that fits a Nikon prostaff 4x32 scope?

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Price of a Marlin model 400A 4X32 scope?

Unfortunately, not a great deal. A few have recently sold on EBay for around 22 - 28 dollars, but weren't perfect. In perfect condition and with the rings could be around 40-

Will Nikon 4x32 rimfire scope work on a 30-06 rifle?

I have one on my .44 mag and so far it works fine. A .44 mag rifle doesn't recoil as much as a 30-06 though. Also there's the issue of parralax. The Nikon is set for 50 yards

How do you adjust a Nikon rifle scope?

No one can answer your question unless this is known...... Have you shot it with scope on? what is MOA adjustment for the scope? what is the yardage? Let me know & Ill

How do you zero a 4x32 beeman scope?

Your going to need a rifle clamp or Sandbags to hold the rifle steady. With the scope mounted on the rifle ( Look up the answer to " How do you scope a rifle ") Load th