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Is there a way to see if homegrown tomatoes have lead content due to lead dust in the soil?

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Is tomato the leading greenhouse vegetable crop?

The leading greenhouse crop is the tomato at 210 million kg. The  other leading greenhouse crops are: cucumbers at 23.2 million  dozen, peppers at 51.4 million kg, and lettu

How does lead get into soil?

  Many times, lead dissolves into water and goes into the soil that way. This is why they banned lead bullets, people would shoot ducks and they would land in a pond or la

Why deforestation leads to soil erosion?

Since deforestation removes trees, the soil particles become detached and more rainwater can get in and cause landslides and flooding. I suppose less trees mean the ground is

Can you get lead poisoning from paint dust containing lead paint?

Yes Definately you will get lead poisoning because Lead Dust may go to your Body while Breathing Do you want more information Just go to website www.nrclpi.com The main routes

Is Lead sheath of Cables banned due to lead hazard?

The use of lead especially for underground cables is banned due to environmental issues. Lead in the environment and its effects on the health of people is a matter of great c
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How did over farming lead to the Dust Bowl?

There is more to it then just over farming, due to World War 1. Other reason's where the weather, (drought), and the federal government's Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). Th

What events lead to the dust bowl?

The dust bowl the occurred in prairie states which included Kansas and Oklahoma. The prairies were covered with prairie plants, mostly grass. This formed a natural sod which w