Is there a way to unlock the trunk release from under the car without keys?

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The year, make and model info would be useful but with some vehicles you can gain access to the trunk by removing the back seat.

How do you open the trunk of a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 without keys or the keyless unlock?

You could hook up a button switch and run it into the relay for the wireless trunk release. This is found behind the kickplate on the passenger's side floorboard. Find the Gre

The trunk on your 02 X-Type will not open with the key or button on lid the trunk and there is no release button in the car or under the rear license plate does anyone have any ideas how to open this?

Answer . Call a locksmith. I have the same prob, out of the blues .............the car-trunk just locked try locking & unlocking w/ the remote no luck, couple hits to the

How do you unlock a Chevy lumina trunk without the key?

you can either take a hammer to it and wack it until it opens. remove door lock cylinder from one of the doors and take it to the lock smith and get a key cut. or my personal

How do you unlock the trunk of a 2001 Chrysler sebring convertible without the key?

All the Sebrings I have seen have either a button on the lower left dash panel or use the key fob remote.. Forgot. You have to have the ignition in the on position for the ab

How do you unlock a car door without the key?

Most wrecker services can do it, but that can be expensive. Some cars can be opened with a Slim Jim. A flat, thin piece of metal with a hook on the end. This take some practic

How do you UNLOCK valet mode on a 95 Jaq without a key and the battery is in the trunk?

This just happened to me. open the "bonnet" of the car, and on the passenger side, closest to the dashboard, there is a "positive" point, with a black rubber cover, where you

How do you unlock your car without keys?

It depends on how old the car is!! But i can't put information on here about how to break into cars anyway so not able to help.. If you have breakdown cover call them out