Is there always films in speed cameras?

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Of course, otherwise they'd miss something and It'd be their fault.
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How do you change film in a film camera?

Each type of camera is different. The loading procedures vary for auto-loading 35MM"s ( still in production!), older take-up type 35MMs and differing camera calibers. Polaroid

What does a film in a camera do?

It stores the pictures so when you choose to get them developed the memory is still there.. Compared to a memory stick of which the data could be erased.

What are speed cameras?

Speed cameras is a shortened version for Speed Trap Cameras which are fixed or mobile cameras used by the police or councils to take pictures of vehicles travelling above the

Is camera a film?

Well films or movies are made from cameras so cameras are not films technically

Does a camera have a film?

The old old fashioned ones did. I'am not sure if our new ones do, we have memory cards for cameras today! And yes, we still do have cameras that need film to work. (Not wise