Is there another name for octagon?

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you can use the notation n-gon for any natural number n, so an octagon is an 8-gon.
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Another name for a kookaburra?

The kookaburra, aka laughing kookaburra or laughing jackass, is Australia largest species of kingfisher. Because of its call it is also known colloquially as the "Settlers Chook"

What is another name for tornadoes and why?

Another name for a tornado is 'Funnel Cloud'. The reason why is because tornadoes are shaped like a funnel. Tornadoes are also partly cloud. If you put the two words together, it makes 'Funnel Cloud'.

Another name for reptile?

"Herp" considering reptiles AND amphibians.. "Reptilian" a fancy word I use to call lizards and snakes.. But most considered is reptile.

Another name for Jupiter?

In the English language, the planet of Jupiter is always known as Jupiter. However, in Greek mythology, that same god is known as Zeus.

What is another name for belly?

well look in a dictionary dumb bums silly god get a life who would even ask this question u ******* bums hahahahahahahahaha by nicholas

What is another name for a Buddhist temple?

Another name for a Buddhist temple is monastery. Buddhism is amajor world religion and philosophy founded in northeastern Indiain the 5th century BC, based on the teachings of SiddharthaGautama.

What is another name for name?

From the Related Link: "first name, Christian name, forename, given name, surname, family name, middle name, maiden name, pet name, nickname, last name, handle, moniker." title, epithet label Identity Other words for the word "name": . Label . Identity . moniker . appellation p (MORE)

What is another name for will?

Better rephrase your question. It can't be answered as written. You could be talking about a person's will (volition) or a will (a document) that someone writes to express their wishes after death. You could mean the verb "will" that creates the future tense or the name that is short for "William."

What is another name for a screen name?

Another name for screen name is 'nickname' or 'user name'. The useof the term "logon" might also apply. In the motion picture industry a screen name is a moniker orpseudonym that is used in place of the actor's real name. Peoplewould change their name for stage or screen because their real namemay h (MORE)

Another name for the European Union is?

The EU. . ' . +++ . Those are its initials. It was formerly the EuropeanEconomic Community (EEC) , sometimes shortened to EC, but itsfull title now is the cumbersome, European Union of the Citiesand Regions . (Notice what's missing?). . ' . When Britain was seeking affiliation, the then-Prime (MORE)

What was another name for hades?

Aidoneus, Aides (meaning, like Hades, the unseen), Pluto (the rich one), Ditis Pater, Dis Pater, Dis(all meaning the rich one), Orcus (killer), Polydectes (the receiver of many), Clymenus (the Illustrious), Eubulus (the giver of good counsel), etc. He is the "one of many names".

What is another name for aten the god?

Aton the god was a very old god that was created to replace theolder mythology sun god named "ra". After Akhenaton, King tut or(tutenkhamen)'s relative replaced and made a religion whereeveryone would believe in one superior god named "aton" the sun godinstead of believing in the god of the sky,deat (MORE)

Another name for a legistative body?

In the United States, which operates a fairly strict separation of powers model, the legislative body is Congress. In the UK, which operates more of a fusion of powers, has large aspects of the legislative and executive branches are vested in The House of Commons. The general term for a legislative (MORE)

What is a another name for a miners lamp?

Miners' lamps were/are produced in many varieties with many names. There were simple rush torches, clay oil lamps, a variety of candleholders (sometimes called sticking tommies), oilwick cap lamps (also called tea pot lamps and sunshine lamps), carbide cap lamps, cabide hand lamps, flame safety lamp (MORE)

Oceania is another name foor which of these?

Oceania is also known as Oceanica or the "Australasian ecozone" .What constitutes as the Oceania can vary but it is broadly known asthe region between Asia and the Americas.

What is another name for the chloroplast?

The word chloroplast is derived from the Greek words chloros , which means green, and plast , which means form or entity. Chloroplasts are members of a class of organelles known as plastids. . A model chloroplast. Chloroplasts are one of the many different types of organelles in the cell. In ge (MORE)

What is another name for celebrations?

Holidays can be subsituted for celebrations in the sense of commemorating a special event. Celebrations can also be synonymous with parties, commemoration, ceremony, etc.

Another name for zero grazing is?

In terms of animal nutrition, zero grazing is cattle grazing in an enclosed area. In other words, grazing cattle in a limited land. i.e grazing rotation. Ex. You have 25m 2 of land,you divided into four plots.During grazing one plot,the other three plots are restricted.when they finished you allow (MORE)

What is another name for a permanent magnet?

Normally permanent magnets are those solid metallic ones we can play with so you can probably get away with calling them an (insert shape here) magnet. e.g. Bar Magnet. As for another name. I don't think it has one. You can't call them electromagnets!

Another name for the Korean War?

another name for the Korean war is called "the forgotten war" and "the Unknown War" another name for the bad relations between the U.S. and the soviet unionwas called the cold war

What is another name for the scientific name?

The essence of this system of naming is this: each species name is formed out of Latin , and has two parts, the genus name and the species. The two-part name of a species is popularly known as the Latin name . However, biologists and philologists prefer to use the term scientific name rather than (MORE)

Who named the octagon in Dunedin?

The Octagon in Dunedin is of course the shape. Which leads to the Q Why that shape. Well, Dunedin was laid out by (among others) Surveyor Kettle, and the land to be surveyed was a flat strip of land lying along the foot of reasonably steep hills. A simple rectangular plan was suited to the flat land (MORE)

What will be another object that is an octagon?

The use of "another" in the question implies that you already have one (or more) in mind. I regret I cannot read your mind so I do not know what hose are and so cannot answer the question.

What is another name of a longituide name?

Longitude is the angular distance between a point on any meridian (an imaginary line drawn between the North and South Poles that passes through a particular location on the Earth's surface) and the Prime Meridian at Greenwich (near London, UK) which is at 0° (zero degrees) of longitude. (MORE)

What makes an octagon an octagon?

The term octagon means an eight sided geometrical figure. It has to have eight sides. If it has only six sides it's a hexagon. If it has three sides it's a triangle.

What name is another name for the caracal?

The Caracal is also known as the desert lynx. It is a wild cat that is widely distributed across Africa, Central Asia and southwest Asia into India. The word Caracal is derived from the Turkish words "Kara Kulak", which means "black ear".

What is another name name for magnetite?

The mineral magnetite is also known as lodestone, a name also usedfor pieces of the ore that are natural magnets. Magnetite consistsof iron (II,III) oxide with the formula Fe3O4.