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There are alternatives to Google Earth such as NASA World Wind from a desktop application perspective.

Google Earth is available as a free and paid Pro version (no source code is available). NASA World Wind is open source project and source code is available. World Wind differs from Google Earth in that there is no one and 'official' World Wind application, instead there are many demos and programs with different functionalities created both by NASA and users from around the world.

For high-end GIS users ESRI sells a suite of 2-D and 3-D Map-related products (ArcGis, ArcMap, etc.)

From a web browser context there is Google Maps, which is integrated with Google Earth and shows some of the same map data. No download or installation is required.

There is also Microsoft's Bing Maps, formerly known as Virtual Earth, with their impressive "bird's eye" aerial photos.

Other mapping web sites with satellite imagery are also available. See related questions and related links for more details.
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