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Is there such thing as a screen that doubles up as a TV screen and a computer monitor?

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Both Sony and Toshiba make combo TV/monitor systems. Other manufacturers such as Vizio probably do as well. Check TigerDirect. Also a Dynex flatscreen can be a TV/monitor system.
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How can you connect your computer to a TV or television screen?

You would need either a S-Video, or HDMI out on the computer or a RGB or DVI in on the TV. If you have neither of these you can purchase a graphics card with HDMI out relative

Can a LCD monitor be used as a tv screen?

Monitors by definition have no tuner, so to use one as a TV you would need a tuner card in your computer. There were some tuner boxes for that purpose but they never caught on

Can TFT monitors be used as a tv screen?

TFT monitors can be used as a TV screen with a little modification.  They just need a "TV combo box" which helps to receive antenna  signals and transform them into formats

Why use screensaver for monitor not for tv screen?

  Any monitor can get what is called "burn-in". This happens when a non-moving picture is left on a screen for too long. A screen saver helps avoid this problem by making

How to put your computer screen on your TV?

  Most LCD's have a VGA input and your computer/notebook will   Have a VGA output. Get your self a VGA cable and connect the two   With this cable.     Acce

Can a computer screen become a TV?

Yes. The original method was to add a TV tuner card to a computer. Most TV on computers now is streamed over the internet.

How do you connect computer screen to TV?

If your computer monitor has an HDMI output and your you have an HDTV, you should be able to connect with an HDMI cable - will cost you about 15 bucks from amazon.com

Computer Screen on TV?

You need to ask your questions more clearly. But if you are asking if you can attach your computer to your TV screen, yes. All you need is a cord.

Can you hook up a computer to a Phillips flat screen tv?

Almost any computer that has a DVI or HDMI port will connect to a modern television with an HDMI port. DVI is compatible with HDMI although it carries no sound. A DVI to HDMI