Kush do te beht miljoner?

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How long did kush culture exist?

The Kush epoque of Egypt lasted from 750 BC to 663 BC when Assurbanipal of Assyria ended the 25th Kush dynasty by pushing back the Ethiopians to their homelands. Pharaoh Psamm (MORE)

Is Nubia exactly the same as Kush?

No Kush and Nubia are not exactly the same though some people write as though they were. Nubia is the geographical area south of Egypt (1st cataract / Aswan area) Kush was a (MORE)
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How did kush take over Egypt?

The way Kush took over Egypt because once Egypt took over Kush, all the Egyptian kingdoms were fighting for power which weakened their culture, and Kush saw that as an opportu (MORE)
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Where is the Hindu Kush desert?

The names Hindu Kush (Persian: هِندوکُش), Hindu Kūh (هِندوکوه) and Kūh-e Hind (کوهِ هِند) are usually applied to the entire range separating the basi (MORE)