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La gaspsie existe depuis quand?

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Jaques Cartier est arivee en 1534.
depuis 40000000000million danne
depuis 40000000000million danne

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What does 'depuis' mean in English?

The word 'depuis' may be used as an adverb. Or it may be used as a preposition. Either way, it means since.   ----   It means "since" or "for" when talking about how lon

What do the French words 'depuis quand' mean in English?

The previous answer given was simply since when, which is correct but not complete. For an English speaker cannot simply insert depuis quand in the same places as an English

What does 'quand' mean?

The word 'quand' may be used as a conjunction. Or it may be used as an adverb. Either way, it means when .

What does 'quand' mean in English?

The word 'quand' may function as an adverb in French. Or it may function as a conjunction. Either way, the meaning is when.

Does the mafia in Las Vegas still exist?

  Some years ago the Las Vagas city council voted to evict the mafia and go corporate, but some have said that Las Vegas was a better town when the mafia controlled it.

Is a Birmingham hip replacement the same as a DePuy hip replacement?

Both companies have products for hip resurfacing and for total hip replacement as well. Birmingham is owned by Smith & Nephew, and Depuy is owned by Johnson & Johnson. A corre

Does la Llorona exist?

La Llorona is a widespread legend in Mexico, the US southwest, Puerto Rico, and Central and South America. The crucial point to note is legend. It is nothing more than a sto

What can you tell me about DePuy Pinnacle recall?

DePuy might be facing the recall of yet another one of its hip replacements, the Pinnacle Acetabular Component, which has been facing increased scrutiny for its premature fail
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What mountains exist in La Paz Mexico?

La Paz has no 'mountains' on the traditional sense, but a complete mountain range known as Sierra de la Laguna , with some peaks reaching 1,600 meters (5246 feet) of altitude

Quand Mozart est-il ne?

Le vrai genie Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart est ne le 27 janvier 1756. Malheureusement, il est mort tres jeune. Car il mourait a l'age de trente-cinq ans, le 5 Dec
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Skyline DePuy brand anterior cervical plating system?

SKYLINE is a trademark by DePuy, Inc. in Warsaw, IN, 46581. The SKYLINE®, Anterior Cervical Plate System provides a versatile set of implants and instruments to accommodate