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Did the homo habilis live in caves?

Homo Habilis lived under cliffs whenever possible. They didn't live in caves because there was predators in them like bears. There tool making was still very early so they cou

What is homo habilis?

A species of the genus Homo, which lived from 1.9 to 1.5 million years ago at the beginning of the Pleistocene. They were possibly 5ft tall and 100 pounds. They mad stone and

What did Homo habilis wear?

It is extremely likely that Homo habilis wore clothes. they probably wore cloth made from animal skin and walked around without clothes during the summer because of the heat

What were the characteristics of Homo habilis?

  some characteristics of a homo habilis are the back teeth being larger than the front teeth, large brain, short with an average male height of 5 feet tall and weighing a

Ano ang katangian ng homo habilis?

Homo Habilis - taong nakagawa ng kasangkapan - ang mga kasangkapan yari sa magagaaspang na bato ay pinaniniwalang unang ginamit ng homo habilis at ang ZINJANTHROPUS ay natag

Who were the homo habilis?

  the homo habilitis nickname handyman is one of the first types of early humans to realise the importance of stone tools and made axes spears and knives out of flint they