Le moi de la saint-valentin?

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Le mois de février, February

Donne moi le nombre des Haitien illegal ds le monde?

dans le nombre des haitien illegal parce-que dans le monde des haitien. le peuple des haitien souffre a d'une angine an haiti il y a beau-coup de musses.tout le monde connait

Quels sont les mois de l'annee?

Translation: What are the months of the year? January: Janvier February: Février March: Mars April: Avril May: Mai June: Juin July: Juillet August: Août September: Septe

What is 'les trois mois de l' when translated from French to English?

"The three months of the..." is an English equivalent of the incomplete French phrase les trois mois de l' . The masculine plural phrase also translates into English as "thre

What does le mois de mars mean?

It means the month of March. In French. Hope this helped! Anything else you need translated. Google translate is the place to go. Just a word of warning it doesn't always give
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What actors and actresses appeared in Le prolongement de moi - 2012?

The cast of Le prolongement de moi - 2012 includes: Angel de Munter as Roger Lorene Devienne as Helena Jules Dousset as Marlon Dominique Frot as Lucienne Gilles Guillain as Ga
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What actors and actresses appeared in Les feux de la Saint-Jean - 1996?

The cast of Les feux de la Saint-Jean - 1996 includes: Catherine Arditi as Yvonne Roland Blanche as Fernand Anne Coesens as Marie Dora Doll as Marguerite Marc Fayolle as Gaeta