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Once upon a time,there was a meeting between gods and goddesses.All of them was happy except for goddess Jai Ling. jai ling was so sad because she couldn't do anything. god then asked what jai ling wants. jai ling then replied that she wants to create a country. then god agreed with her. she then put the soils in a basket then she wents. after the long time gathering soils,jai ling didn't notice that the basket has already a hole. then after then a small island was formed. jai ling noticed it first and it was beautiful! she then named it philippines.
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How do you get to Philippines?

To get to the Philippines you can fly or take a boat since this country is made up of over 1,700 islands.

What are two examples of Philippine legends?

"The Legend of the Rainbow" (Ang Alamat ng Bahaghari) and "Legend of the Onion" (Alamat ng Sibuyas) are two examples of Philippine legends.

What is I Am Legend?

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Legend of santiago in region 2 Philippines?

Santiago de compostela,Legend has it that the remains of the apostle James were brought to Galicia and in the early 9th century on a boat made of stone, and were later discove

What is legend?

A legend is a narrative that people tell as a true story. Sometimes the details are difficult to confirm, but usually the story names people and identifies locations.

What are some examples of Philippine legends?

SOME EXAMPLES OF PHILIPPINE LEGENDS The following are some examples of legends in the Philippines:   * "Si Malakas at Maganda" is a legend on the origin of the Filipino