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A life insurance agent is the person who knows about the various life insurance policies and explains them to potential clients. The agent is the person who sells you life insurance.

How do you become a life insurance agent?

Not knowing where you are located, the answer can only be a general one. Broadly, insurance is a regulated industry, and those who transact insurance with the public on behalf

How much money does an independent life insurance agent earn?

As much as you want. It all depends on how hard you are willing to work, how many companies you contract with, what they offer and how good your lead base is. Independent life

How much an life insurance agent earns?

An insurance agent usually earns 10-15% of the first years premium as commission on each policy plus everytime a customer makes a premium payment in the subsequent years, he w

Can doctor become an life insurance agent?

Yes! Doctor can beome LIC Agent.. for more information email to or sms/call to 9810659420 If you belong to new delhi you can direct contact me :Bhuvnendr

Can a life insurance agent sell insurance to his spouse?

In general he can. The fact that they are married does not, in itself, prevent the transaction. The agent can also be named as the beneficiary. The spouse has an "insurable in

How can you find an AA Life Insurance agent?

One can find an AA Life Insurance agent by checking on the official website "theaa." The AA Life Insurance company could also be listed in the phone books so one could also co