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List of hotels and tel no in Nandyala in Andhra Pradesh India?

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1. Hotel Seshi Residency
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.

2. Hotel Bala
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,
Nandyal 518501, Andhra Pradesh, India.

3. Hotel Chanakya
D.NO.25/1, Opp APSRTC Bust Stand, Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: +(91) (8514) 244006/244007/244014
Fax: +(91) (8514)

4. Hotel Tourist
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: +(91) (8514) 246494~97
Fax: +(91) (8514).

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