List of hotels and tel no in Nandyala in Andhra Pradesh India?

1. Hotel Seshi Residency
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.

2. Hotel Bala
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,
Nandyal 518501, Andhra Pradesh, India.

3. Hotel Chanakya
D.NO.25/1, Opp APSRTC Bust Stand, Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: +(91) (8514) 244006/244007/244014
Fax: +(91) (8514)

4. Hotel Tourist
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: +(91) (8514) 246494~97
Fax: +(91) (8514).

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Cinema halls list in andhra pradesh?

andhra pradesh cinema theatres are around '2700' no's (date February 2007)...all over andhra
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List of districts in Andhra Pradesh?

adilabad ananthapur chittoor kadapa east godavari guntur hyderabad karimnagar khammam Krishna kurnool mahbubnagar medak nalgonda nellore nizamabad prakasham r (MORE)

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Who is governor of andhra pradesh?

There have been a lot of governors of Andhra Pradesh. But the most recent governor of Andhra Pradesh is E.S.L. Narasimhan.
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How many cities in andhra pradesh?

There are 19 cites (Municipal Corporations) :- Anantapur Ellure Chitoor Cuddapah Ongole Guntur Hyderabad KakinadaKarimnagar KurnoolKhammam Nellore Nizamabad Rajahmun (MORE)

List of all the State ministers of andhra pradesh 2009?

(1) Danam Nagendar : Ministry of Health   (2) MuKesh Goud : BC Welfare   (3) Ponnala Laxmaiah : Major Irrigation   (4) Konda Surekha : Women and Child Welfare   (5 (MORE)