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Long term effects of nuclear waste?

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cancers, birth defects, infertility and mutations i think. wen cells become damages, they repair themselves incorrectly, more often results in cancers..
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How long does nuclear waste last?

There are two basic different forms of nuclear waste. Each has itsown criteria for storage, and these illustrate how long it lasts. Low level waste is not particularly radioa

How long will nuclear waste remain radioactive?

Some kinds of radioactive waste, particularly spent fuel from nuclear power plants, will remain dangerous to people for tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of yea

Harmful effect of nuclear waste?

Harmful Effects of Nuclear Wastes:Nuclear wastes usually contain one or more highly radioactive substances. Radioactive nuclear wastes pollute the earth to a dangerous level o

How long is nuclear waste around for before it is considered safe?

There are different ways of looking at this. And one should be warned that the idea of a half life is not immediately applicable to safety. Knowing the half life, you still ha

What are the long term effects of antibiotics?

There are plenty of negative effects of long term antibiotic usage or continous antibiotic usage for frequent infections. Bacteria can adapt to be "resist" the killing ability

How long does the waste from nuclear plants stay dangerous for?

By 'waste' I mean high level waste which is contained in the spent fuel. The behavior of the fission products in reactor fuel is dependent on a number of factors; 1. The yie

How Long Does it take nuclear waste to decompose?

depends on the type of waste, that determines its halflife. some waste will be safe in just a few decades, other types will take millions of years. if they would reprocess re

Long-term effects of tsunami?

The long term effects are businesses are at a low, Loss Of Tourism, Property damage, beach destroyed, Deaths - suffering of family members, Fear, Injuries.
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What are the effects of nuclear waste on the environment?

  Nuclear waste is carefully stored and never spread around the environment unless there is a serious accident like at Chernobyl, or resulting from fallout from nuclear we

Long term effects of tobacco?

If you were to smoke for a long period  of time you could develop what is known as Bronchitis and you can  also have your arteries narrowed and decrease in size. It's also