Long term effects of nuclear waste?

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cancers, birth defects, infertility and mutations i think. wen cells become damages, they repair themselves incorrectly, more often results in cancers..
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Harmful effect of nuclear waste?

Harmful Effects of Nuclear Wastes: Nuclear wastes usually contain one or more highly radioactive substances. Radioactive nuclear wastes pollute the earth to a dangerous level

Are the long term effects of nuclear power detrimental for all of us?

Most of us, and that includes virtually everyone in North America and Western Europe, have suffered no damage from nuclear power, and provided the industry is well run and rad

How long does nuclear waste last?

There are two basic different forms of nuclear waste. Each has itsown criteria for storage, and these illustrate how long it lasts. Low level waste is not particularly radioa

What are the effects of nuclear waste on the environment?

Nuclear waste is carefully stored and never spread around the environment unless there is a serious accident like at Chernobyl, or resulting from fallout from nuclear weapon u

What are the bad effects of nuclear waste?

Well, it is poisonous, and radioactive- which can cause radiation sickness and cancer. Basically, it can kill people, animals, and plants. For a long time.

What effect nuclear waste does to people?

The nuclear waste releases a gas called radioactivity. If this is not handled, then it can kill a lot of people. . Radioactivity is not a gas, it is a form of radiant ener

How long Nuclear wastes stay Radioactive?

That depends on the waste. Different materials have a different length of time and the more waste you have the longer it will take. you have to know the half life of the mater

What is the plan for long term storage of nuclear waste?

In most countries, nuclear power generation and other applications of radioactive materials started before plans for the disposal of the resulting radioactive waste were well