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The longest metal song is "The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms" by Devil Doll it is 1:19:03 or 79:03

Iron maiden: The Rhyme of the ancient mariner is 13:36 Progressive metal has yielded several long songs.

Opeth - In the Mist she was Standing is 14:00 Opeth - Black Rose Immortal is 20:14 Edge of Sanity's Crimson is 40:00 ----
Lowering the tempo will usually lead to longer songs. Doom metal follows this principle. Funeral doom bands always have 10 minute songs, rarely shorter.
Drone Doom works differently, it is slower (generally) than Funeral Doom.
So, here are some of the longest doom and funeral doom songs:
Plague of the Butterflies by Swallow the Sun - 34:42.
Storm over Jupiter by Beyond Black Void is over 30 minutes long.
"Epejumalat monet tesse muinen palveltin caucan ja lesse" by Wormphlegm is 30:00 long also
Rite of Finality by Asunder is 50:19 Monolithe II by Monolithe is 50:24 Monolithe I by Monolithe is 51:58

There is a triple album out by Black Boned Angel (NZL) that has four songs on it:
The Sorrowful Mysteries: 29:14 Endless Coming into Life: 32:29 Black Throat Abyss: 42:28 Heavens Blaze Forth the Death of Princes: 65:05
Black Boned Angel's full length: Bliss and Void Inseperable is 60:26 Their new full length, The Endless Coming into Life is 63:12
The longest song I know of, but NOT the longest song ever recorded or the longest metal song is El Mundo Frio by Corrupted at just over 71 minutes long.
Songs longer than 79? Not sure if they are possible. They are... but they cannot be burned to a CD. I heard Aun's (dark-ambient, drone) Whitehorse and Blackhorse combined together with a seemless transition into a single composition that was over two hours long. ----------------- There is also a list of extremely long metal songs on rateyourmusic.com that would be of great interest to you. The link to the list is here: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/pyrochaos724/the_longest_metal_songs. The longest song on the list, and the longest metal song I have ever seen, is Fauna's The Hunt. The song clocks in at 1:19:57 (or 79:57), which I believe is the absolute longest a song can be and still fit onto a CD.
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