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What is Skype id?

A Skype ID is the user name that others will see when talking tothe person on Skype. The name chosen is up to the person and can betheir name or favorite band or activity.

How do you make a new Skype?

It's easy and free to make a new Skype account. Simply click on Join Us on the Skype homepage or follow the related link for a help page.

How do you clean your Skype id?

How to delete a Skype Name from the Sign In screen: If you are using Windows XP: . Quit Skype. In the system tray at the bottom right of your screen, right-click the Skype

How make new id?

find your local id vendor. tell him that you need a new id because your dog ate it. take your picture and give him your full name (a fake one) have him put 5 years ahead of yo