Master chief land on planet reach?

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well supposedly and if he did or not it may lead to halo 4
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Did master chief land on reach?

no he dident if your talking about the end of halo 3 where his folwting frow the air with cortana no they belive that he might be heading for the four runner main planet where

Will master chief be in halo reach?

Yes, but you cannot play as him, or be apart of his team. He can be seen as an Easter egg on the pillar of autumn in the last cut scene.

Is master chief in halo reach?

Yes, he is aboard the Pillar of Autumn, but doesnt do any missions because he is in a iscolation chamber. You can only see him one time on the pillar of autumn, he is a secret

Is the master chief in halo reach?

yes he is except he is wearing halo 2 armor ------------------------------- Partly Yes , Partly Wrong. (Don't Listen to the guy who typed above this.He knows only little a

Will the master chief be in halo reach?

no it says that its not going to put him in the game in a vidoc called under the breach u can watch that by youtube or by downloading it in ur 360
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When is master chief in halo reach?

Speculation Last cut scene hold the right thumb stick to the right and you will 'look' right and see a Spartan in a Cryo tube This is most likely Linda and not John but tak
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Where is master chief in halo reach?

behind you At the final cut scene(signaling the end of the game)on the level The Pillar of Autumn, hold the right stick right, and when it shows the inside of the ship, to