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If you mean the most well known of the Confederate flags (red background with 13 white stars on navy blue, piped white diagonal stripes) I think it was just called 'the battle flag' - The Confederates had to introduce this new design part way into the civil war because their earlier flag 'the stars and bars' looked too much like the Union 'stars and stripes' - causing confusion in the smoke of battle! The Confederates had three official 'national flags' preceded by an unofficial one called 'the bonnie blue flag' which was a sigle white star on black background - i.e. the south under one star. The 3 national flags were 'the stars and bars' 'the stainless banner' and the 'third national flag' - these either looked too much like the Union flag - or in the case of the 'stainless' had so much white that they looked like a flag of surrender! hence the introduction of 'the Battle flag'
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Who painted the Confederate flag?

Answer . The original confederate flag wasn't painted. It was manufactured out of bunting cloth just as flags are today, by the Charleston Clothing Depot. The flag which flew over the siege of Atlanta can be seen today in the Confederate Memorial Hall in Knoxville Tennessee. .

Is the confederate flag racist?

No, the Confederate flag does not represent and never hasrepresented racism. It is a symbol of southern heritage,representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, andresistance to an out of control federal government. It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag,but (MORE)

What does the Confederate flag look like?

Red background... blue diagonal cross with stars inside the cross.. Wrong Answer . The above description is of the Battle Flag carried by regiments in battle. Each regiment(Confederate or Union) carried one National Flag and one Regimental battle flag . The Union carried the Stars & Strip (MORE)

What was the name of the confederate flag?

The first national Confederate flag was nicknamed "Stars and Bars". The Confederate battle flag that flew starting from 1863, was called "The Southern Cross". Furthermore, at the start of the Civil War a third banner was adopted by the CSA in 1861. It consisted of a single, five pointed white st (MORE)

Why does the Confederate battle flag have thirteen stars?

One for each of the eleven Confederate states and one each forMissouri and Kentucky. The confederate flag's 13 stars stand for each state of theconfederacy... This is the list. *Seven states seceded by February1861* -South Carolina -Mississippi -Florida -Alabama -Georgia-Louisiana -Texas *After Li (MORE)

What did Confederates call their flag?

Answer . The Confederate States of America had 3 different versions of their National Flag. The common flag most familiar as a "Rebel flag" was actually the battle flag carried by each regiment to help identify the unit. Each regiment usually carried their regimental battle flag and the Nationa (MORE)

What do the stars on the confederate flag mean?

The stars on the confederate flag represent the original 13 statesthat belonged to the Confederate States of America. The firstconfederate flag had only 7 stars which represented the 7 southernstates that were in the confederacy.

What is the History of the Confederate flag?

The Confederate Flag The national flag of the Confederacy was established in 1861. The goal of the committees designing the flag was to make it similar to the United States flag, but different as well because the Confederates still endured a certain loyalty to the Union. The national flag kept t (MORE)

Why does the confederate flag symbolize slavery?

The Confederate Flag does not symbolize slavery. Yes that was one reason why the South secede from the Union but the biggest deal was the South was being taxed high on there cotton by Lincoln so in doing so they secede, Slavery was around before the Confederate States of America was even set up. The (MORE)

What is the confederate flag nickname?

This is actually the the confederate battle flag. The "crossed stars" is still incorporated in flags of a few southern states (Georgia and Mississippi maybe more). The official flag of the Confederate states of America changed many times in its short life. The Stars and Bars is the a common nickname (MORE)

Why is the confederate flag considered raciest?

The confederate flag is considered to be racist by some people because it represented the south in the civil war, and one of the most memorable issues of that war was that of slavery. The south used black slaves and were defending slavery because their economy was almost solely based on agriculture (MORE)

What does or did the Confederate flag represent?

The Confederate Battle Flag that most people are familiar with was not a nationally recognized national flag. It was primarily a flag used by the Army of Northern Virginia, as well as some Tennessee and Mississippi regiments. The popular battle flag was 3' by 3', and was barrowed from the Scotish fl (MORE)

Why is the confederate flag used for racism?

Answer 1 - It's Not Racist The Confederate flag is not used for racism. The Klan flys the flagfor pride and love in the south. The rest of the people who fly theflag are down home country floks who have nothing against coloredpeople. They just have love and pride in the south for standing upfor wha (MORE)

What dose the confederate flag stand for?

well here's the issue. You likely don't know what the Confederate flag actually is. What you are thinking of is the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, so it would stand for that. If you want to know why you are wrong type into google images "First CSA" then "Second CSA" and lastly "Third (MORE)

Does the confederate flag mean your racist?

Tha definition of racist is one who thinks his race is superior to all others. The word prejudiced is the correct word to use.. Contrary to modern public opinion, slavery played a VERY MINOR part in starting the war.. The Stars and Bars has as much to do with slavery as the American flag did just (MORE)

When was the confederate flag used?

The Confederates had more then one flag but the one flag that comes to mind today is the stars and bars flag. The one found on the Dukes of Hazzard Car The General Lee. Was first used during battle's, making it there battle flag. Flaging high into the battle feild.

Why do skinheads carry the Confederate flag?

Skinheads believe in white supremacy, and carry the flag as arepresentation of the slavery that existed for black people in thesouth before and during the Civil War./// For the sake of truth itshould be stated that slavery also existed in several ofthe"Northern" states in the years before the War.

The confederate call their flag the stars and?

The Confederate National Flag was called the Stars and Bars. The flag that most people are familiar with, the blue diagonal cross with thirteen white stars set on a red field is the battle flag which is mistakenly called by the same name. It is called the Southern Cross.

Why does the Confederate flag have 13 stars and the battle flag only have 11 stars?

Well, even though there were 11 confederate states there were twostate (Missouri and Kentucky) did not successfully cede for theunion.///This question has incorrect information, and the firstpart of the answer is not correct. The Battle Flag has 13 stars; 3on each of the 4 wings of the cross and 1 i (MORE)

Is it illegal to display a confederate flag?

No, it is not illegal to display a Confederate flag. It is a form of protected speech under the first amendment. However, if the purpose of the flag is to instill rebellion, initiate racial hatred or violence, or to oppress a minority, that is an actionable offense. That is why the flag can be ba (MORE)

What is the difference between a confederate flag and a confederate battle flag?

The official flag of the Confederacy was a blue square in the upper left corner with a variance of 7 to 13 stars in a circle, two thick red stripes top and bottom and an equally thick white stripe in the middle of the two. It is often refereed to as the "stars and bars". The confederate battle flag (MORE)

Is there a confederate flag day?

Contrary to the previous answer, Confederate Flag Day IS sort of a real thing, and is NOT a symbol of treason. For many, it is simply a symbol of one's heritage, and is no more extremist than flying the flag of one's nation of origin. Quite frankly, stating that the Confederacy was not, in principle (MORE)

What is a confederation flag?

A confederation flag, as with any other flag, is a representation and identification of a group of nations, such as the USSR had, or a group of states, such as the Confederate states had.

What famous Confederate General earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run?

Thomas Jackson got the nickname of Stonewall Jackson at the First Battle of Bull Run. General Thomas Jackson, for his refusal to come to the aid of General Bee and General Bartow, both of whom were subsequently killed in action. Earlier, Bee had made a derogatory comment about Jackson standing on th (MORE)

How many flags did the confederate have?

The confedarate national flag went through several phases. First was the "Stars and Bars." it was a red flage with a white stripe through the middle running horizontaly, and in the upper left corner, 11 stars on a blue field. That looked to much like the American flag, so they changed it to a white (MORE)

Why is the confederate flag so constroversial?

Much of the controversy comes from misunderstandings. First, what flag do they have issues with? Most people when asked what the "Confederate Flag" looks like would point to a red banner with a blue cross corner to corner with 13 stars in the cross. Some people even refer to this flag as the "stars (MORE)

Why is the confederate flag different from the US flag?

The Confederate States of America (CSA) was formed of the southernstates that seceded from the United States of America in 1860and1861 at the onset of the Civil War. Originally there were 7states then later 11 states in the Confederacy. The first CSAnational flag had 7, 11, and then 13 stars in a ci (MORE)

Why was the confederate flag different from the union flag?

Because they had different sides. The Confederate States of America (CSA) was formed of the southern states that seceded from the United States of America in 1861 at the onset of the Civil War. Originally there were 7 states then later 11 states in the Confederacy. The first CSA national flag had 7, (MORE)

Why was the confederate flag different from the US flag?

You don't want the same flag as your enemy but they somewhat are similar just like the U.S and Britians flag with the colors. The Confederate States of America (CSA) was formed of the southern states that seceded from the United States of America in 1861 at the onset of the Civil War. Originally th (MORE)

Who was the confederate geberal who got his famous nickname at the first battle of bull run?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson Here is how he got his nickname: During the first Battle of the Bull Run, Brigadeer-General Barnard E. Bee commented, "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall." As the war continued, through the tumult and the chaos, Jackson was continually complimen (MORE)

Do they fly the confederate flag in the US?

For some values of "they", and some values of "the confederate flag", yes. The Battle Flag of the Army of Tennessee, the one that's red with white stars on a dark blue saltire (diagonal cross) that most people automatically think of when they think "confederate flag", is flown by some people as a (MORE)

How many stars does the confederate flag have?

The first official Confederate flag only contained seven stars. These seven stars represented the seven original Confederate States. In 1863, the second Confederate flag contained thirteen stars. These stars represented the seven original States plus the six States that seceded. Two of these six wer (MORE)

Why Did the confederate change the design of the battle flag so many times?

The design of the battle flag was not changed at all. In the east,in General Lee's Army, they were usually 4' X 4", square, while inthe Army of Tennessee in the west they were usually rectangular, asis seen today. The flag design which was changed was theConfederate National Flag, the Stars and Bars (MORE)

What does it men when someone has a confederate flag?

When people have confederate flags it means that their raciestbecause when the Union and Confederate went to war for the CivilWar, the Confederate which stood for the south believed thatAfrican-Americans should be enslaved and they were partial againstAfrican-Americans.

What is the difference between the Confederate flag and the Confederate battle flag?

The Confederate Battle Flag (the Starry Cross) is, as the namesuggests, a military banner. During its four-year existence, theConfederacy had three "National" flags, usually referred to simplyas first, second, and third National. These national flags were forthe purpose of representing the Confedera (MORE)