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Mississipi and Georgia

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Q: What state have the Confederate flag in their current flag?
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Is the confederate and Mississippi state flag the same?

One of the last Confederate battle flags and the current flag of Mississippi are very, very similar.

When was the Georgia flag adopted?

The current Georgia flag was adopted on 8 May 2003. It is the sixth flag to fly over that state. The longest flag in use featured the Confederate Battle flag whose symbolism was the subject of much controversy.

Which state was the confederate flag flown in?

mexico city(:

What state flew the confederate flag first in 1861?

alabama :)

Is it illegal to fly the Confederate flag above the American flag?

It is not illegal, but it is against tradition and protocol and would not be proper. The United States flag flies on top, then beneath that the state flag, and then beneath that, the Confederate flag may be flown.

Where is the confederate flag located today?

Carloina state capitail building.

Does the middle star on confederate flag represent Kentucky?

No it is for the state of Maryland.

Why does the Mississippi Flag have a Confederate flag on it?

Because in the eyes of Mississippians, that flag represents heritage and an important piece of their state's history that they are proud of.

What is another name for Alabama's flag?

The Alabama state flag has a Crimson cross on a white field. It is also called the confederate battle flag.

Why is the confederate flag so constroversial?

Much of the controversy comes from misunderstandings. First, what flag do they have issues with? Most people when asked what the "Confederate Flag" looks like would point to a red banner with a blue cross corner to corner with 13 stars in the cross. Some people even refer to this flag as the "stars and bars" because it has white stars on blue bars. Both of those beliefs are FALSE! The flag that most people think of as the "Confederate Flag" is the Confederate Navy Jack (rectangular flag) or the Confederate Cavalry or Artillery flag (square flag). There were three (3) official flags of the Confederate States of America and this flag was NOT one of them. The Confederate Stars and Bars (first flag of the Confederate States of America) looks nothing like the Confederate Navy Jack or Cavalry flags. Take a look at Georgia's state flag. Except for the state seal in the circle of 13 stars, that is the first flag of the Confederacy, the "Stars and Bars." The second point: Some will say that the "Confederate Flag" stands for slavery or racism. Others will say that the "Confederate Flag" stands for rebels and "red necks." The association of the "Confederate Flag" with controversy may have begun with "white supremacy" movements of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) founded in the Southern States in 1865 by Confederate veterans.

What is the date the Delaware state flag became the state flag?

The current Delaware flag was adopted on 24 July 1913.

Why does the Mississippi state flag still have a symbol of confederate flag on it?

That is an excellent question. As of yet, no truly satisfactory answer has been offered for it.