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What is an Android?

Android is a mobile OS made by GOOGLE for smartphones. Androidcan support 3G and 4G technologies. 60% of Android apps are freewhich makes it very attractive for any smartphone buyer. AndroidSDK is used for software development targeting Android enabledsmart phones. You can download the SDK and insta (MORE)

What is Android?

Android is an open source platform for mobile phones. It isdeveloped by Google and is installed on over 1 billion devices. Itis currently the worlds most popular mobile operating system.

Does Android market need internet?

Yes, it does. But not necessarily from an phone. If you don't have a data planfor your android phone, you can use sites like androlicious tosearch for applications or games. But to install apps on the phoneyou will need a WiFi connection or mobile internet.

Do you have to pay for Android applications?

Some apps are paid but most are free 57% of apps are free If you find a app that you like there might be a lite version Well I did try the paid app and it's cool, I was able to avail the free trial thing! It's Copy10 an android spy app which comes with numerous features which is best in t (MORE)

What are the best apps from android market?

Well, it would depend on what kind of apps you want and/or need. But in my opinion, the #1 recommended app for ALL Droid phones is the AdvancedTaskKiller app. What it does is that it "kills" the apps that are currently running so that way your battery lasts longer. It's highly recommended to use the (MORE)

How do you log out of the android market place?

I don't think you can log out of the android market. There are some other things you may try: Backup all your data and factory reset, that case, you can assign your main google account which will be the one for your market. Here is a great website that can replace any market: http://www.besta (MORE)

Can you go from Android 2.2 to Android 3?

It is unlikely that most lower-end Android devices will receive this update, as 3.0 was designed for use with Tablet devices. It is possible, however, that more well-known high-end devices such as the Galaxy S and the Desire will receive the update. Note that HTC devices will take a little longer t (MORE)

How do you use android market?

Considering that you are talking about Google PlayStore, all you need to have is Google account once, open up the playstore search for the application you want or you can also choose from the suggestion available over their, tap over the app you want and done !

How do you design android application?

To develop an app on android you will need to learn Java Programming Language You can learn Java from thenewboston on YouTube. Then you can go to developers.android.com and learn how to develop an application

How can you get an an account for android market?

market android com/account then sign into your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, sign up at mail google com Once signed in: There are three possible reasons why an Android device might be missing from your list of devices on the Android Market website: . You're not logged (MORE)

How do you use android market app?

well i dont have an android but im guessing its similar to the app store where you click on it and you can search for the apps or they have apps there, dpends on what you want.

How do you review an app in android market?

After installation when you again open the page of downloaded app, you can see the option to rate app and to add comment on it. There you can rate and review app as a comment.

Do you have to pay for android market?

No, accessing the market is free if you have an internet plan on your phone or you can connect via wi-fi from a location. However many of the apps are free on the market, you still have to pay for many more.

How do you submit Android apps to the Android market?

Go the the Android Developers website and click Publish. Next login into a Google Account, I recommend using a separate developer account for this. Follow and fill in the instructions on the screen You will have to pay $25 or £19 with your credit/debit card. After that you will have to wait arou (MORE)

How do you install application in Android OS?

Just simply go to the Google Play Store (which is an app that waspre-installed on your phone), and find apps that way. Some Androiddevices that have manufacturer overlays (also called "skins" or"custom UI") may have their own application store, but searchingand installing an application should be th (MORE)

How do you get the android market back?

You can't uninstall the android market. But if you uninstalled updates then leave your phone on charge connected to wifi for a few nights to let it update again

How do you remove comments on the facebook android app?

To remove commends on the Facebook android app highlight the text box where the comment appears. A small x will appear in the top right hand corner. Select this x. A drop down box will appear will a list of choices. From this list choose delete. This will remove the comment.

How do you install Android market?

Android Market is now Google Play. If your phone didn't come with Google Apps, then you can flash GApps, you can find this on the xda developers website

How do you get free android application?

Most people download their applications on the Google play Store. However, it is possible to find your applications on 4shared or other shared servers. Note that it is illegal to download applications if you have not buy it before.

Do Acer tablets have Android markets?

Yes, acer tablet powering itself with Android does have AndroidMarket installed, what you need to search for is the GooglePlayStore available over device. Look out the device for the GooglePlayStore !

What does android can do?

Android is basically an Operating System designed by Google for Cell phones. The term android can also refer to as a Human Robot. In fact when ever anybody comes across the term android, the first thing comes into your mind is the OS (operating system) on which cell phone applications run. Human (MORE)

How many different android applications?

According to app brain statistics there are more 1,378,032 application available over the PlayStore and increasing. So here I would say their numbers are increasing daily.

Why is there an android?

Well, Android was basically developed as an OS for digital camera but eventually its founders realised that the market with digital camera isn't that much big to bet on with and they have diverted all their attention towards making Android OS running forward for mobile devices. So, they have changed (MORE)

Of any android spy applications?

Yes, lots of spy application for an android mobile is present on the internet. You just need to search. I used phonesheriff application for controlling my kid's mobile phone. You can buy it online and just installed in your mobile.

What is android-?

Android is an operating system that has primarily been designed fortablet computers, smartphones and touchscreen mobile devices.

What does android do?

Android is a mobile operating system found in many smartphones. Itis responsible for making your phone run smoothly and allows yourphone to run apps.