On average how much do people spend on cigarettes in a month?

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It depends on which brand of cigarettes people smoke as well as their level of smoking. It differs depending on how frequently they smoke.

Me, I smoke a pack of 20 every 4 days. I get Marlboro medium 100s from Savemart for 3.49 each. So, that makes it around $25 a month I guess. Most of the smokers buy from 7-11 or gas stations which sell the same cigarettes for much much higher price. I used to spend close to $50 a couple of months before I discovered Savemart / Walmart sell cheaper cigarettes!
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On average how much do people spend on cigarettes in a year?

It costs about 14 dollars for one packet of cigarettes in Australia,in one week they would be spending around 100 dollars a week (14 x 7), in a month about 440 (98 x 4.5) doll

How much do people spend on cigarettes a week?

Cigarette is not only injurious to health but also give burden to a person who is a regular smoker. He can not talk freely with his friends or even with his family members bec

How much people spend on cigarettes?

I'm not quite a change smoker. I usually don't go through a whole pack in one day, occasionally I do. But on a weekly basis, I'd say if I have the money to spend on the name b
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How much does an average smoker spend on cigarettes in month?

I depends on where you live. How to find out: 1.Find out how much a pack of cigarettes cost in your state 2.find out how many packs a person smokes a day 3.Multiply how many p