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With regard to state taxes, it depends on the state in which you live. In some states, the death benefit from life insurance passes outside the estate and directly to the named beneficiary. So there is not tax. For federal tax The policy has a value at the time of death. That value is included in the estate,
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How much money can you earn before you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits?

2010 and 2011For a single taxpayer, If your total AGI is less than $25,000, you pay tax on 0% of your benefits.If your total AGI is $25-34,000, you pay tax on 50% of your bene

What taxes do you pay?

Un-answerable. (first by "you" I suspect you mean "everyone"). All taxes are paid by someone, or something (a company for example). But not everyone pays all taxes, certai

What is the minimum amount of income in retirement benefits before required to pay taxes?

  A lot of it depends on the type of plan it's coming from...something like a 401k, deferred on the way in, is always taxable, (at a ratio) on the way out.   Most of th

Do you pay taxes on death benefits on an annuity?

You do. You need to speak with your tax accountant and find ways to reduce your tax burden. The upside is that the transfer of wealth within the annuity avoids probate, both t

Do you pay income tax on Social Security disability benefits?

2010 and 2011: About one-third of people who receive Social Security Disability benefits pay taxes on their income. Taxes are calculated based on "provisional income" (Adjuste

Do you pay taxes on a wrongful death claim?

I was told on any money you get from a wrongful death suit you do not have to pay taxes on. Because you are being compensated for something you lost and can never get back. Ho