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Que se celebra en el dia de los muertos?

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es una celebracion mexicana en donde se celebra a todos los difuntos tambien coincide con las celebracion catolica llamada dia de todos los Santos y dia de los difuntos en donde los catolicos generalmente van a los cementerios a ver a sus seres queridos o familiares
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What are the origins of el dia de los muertos?

During pre-Columbian times, Mesoamerican peoples (Aztec, Mayan)celebrated the lives of the departed, giving offers to the goddessMictecacihuatl, queen of the underworld. When

How old is el dia de los muertos?

The modern version of such tradition dates back to the 16thcentury, when Roman Catholicism and traditional Mesoamericanbeliefs intermixed to become its present form.

Where is el dia de los muertos celebrated?

El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is most commonly celebrated in Mexico. Though other countries observe "All Saints Day" or "All Souls Day," which is the equivalent