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Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction in the 1980 is it positive or normative economics?

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Was Saddam Hussein a threat to the us?

In all fairness, Hussein really wasn't the threat; it was the vast store of WMD's in Iraq that the US needed to contend with. Saddam Hussein was definitely a threat, but not

How is anthrax used as a weapon of mass destruction?

Bacillus anthracis spores are easily produced in mass quantities in  a lab. They are tiny, easily spread, can be passed from plant to  animal to human, and cause easily be f

When did the us develope mass destruction weapons?

The US first stockpiled chemical weapons during the 1930s.

What are US weapons of mass destruction and what do they do?

There are three main arms of WMD's: Nuclear, Chemical and Biological. While other possible variants exist, they can easily be categorized in one of these three forms. The US
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Why did Saddam Hussein invade Iran in 1980?

There are several reasons why Saddam Hussein invaded Iran in 1980, including: . Oil-rich regions along the border and access to the PersianGulf. . Religion: Saddam Hussein