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Scientific name of fruits in Philippines?

  Atis- annona squamosa   banana: genus --> musa   coconut - cocos nucifera   jackfruit- artocarpus heterophyllus   duran- genus--> durio   guava: genus-->
How do you find an animals scientific name?

How do you find an animals scientific name?

A scientific name has to do with a species' taxonomy, or biological classification. The most common classification system is the Five Kindom system. The taxonomic levels are a

What is the scientific name of the Philippines?

  Actually, as far as I know, Philippines doesn't have a scientific name because its a country. Scientific names, or the binomial nomenclature, is only applied to plants a

Scientific names of trees in the Philippines?

Akapulko (scientific name: Cassia alata) - a shrub known to be a diuretic, sudorific and purgative. The medicinal uses of akapulko are to treat fungal infection of the skin a

List of Philippine trees with their scientific names?

Many different trees are found in the Philippines. They include:   Acacia Abuhin (Acacia holosericea)   Achuete (Bixa orellana)   Adelfa (Nerium oleander)   Af
In Eagles

Scientific name of Philippine eagle?

The scientific name of the Philippine eagle is Pithecophaga  jefferyi. It is also known as the monkey-eating eagle. It is one of  the largest eagles in the world.