Scientific names of Animals In Philippines?

Scientific names of Animals In Philippines?
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How are animals named scientifically?

They are named by a two-name system called a binomial nomenclature and depending what group its classified in that's how it is named
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Scientific name of fruits in Philippines?

  Atis- annona squamosa   banana: genus --> musa   coconut - cocos nucifera   jackfruit- artocarpus heterophyllus   duran- genus--> durio   guava: gen (MORE)

How do you find an animals scientific name?

A scientific name has to do with a species' taxonomy, or biological classification. The most common classification system is the Five Kindom system. The taxonomic levels are a (MORE)
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Scientific name of Philippine eagle?

The scientific name of the Philippine eagle is Pithecophaga  jefferyi. It is also known as the monkey-eating eagle. It is one of  the largest eagles in the world.
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Scientific name for animal?

well it depends what kind of animal it is u cant just have one  answer for an animal...well there ya go cya ....and your welcome
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