Sears craftsman lawn tractor owners manual?

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I would go to Sears and ask if they had a manual for the lawn mower you needed one for.

You can go to jensales . com
its worth it every penny.
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Where can I get Owner manual for craftsman lt 2000 lawn tractor?

Replacement lawn mower owner's manual The only place I have been able to find a replacement owner's manual for my Craftsman Lawn Tractor is by going to their main home page at then clicking on the "customer service" button. You can then follow the links to "lawn and garden" or "parts" (MORE)

Who makes sear craftsman lawn mower?

The answer is AYP or Electrolux Home Products. although Husqvarna owns AYP. You can usually use or cross reference parts from husqvarna mowers. Or just go to sears.

Owners manual craftsman riding lawn tractor? . www.searspartsdirect---put in model number and when it comes up on the right it will say view manual-click on it and a adobe program comes on with the manual. Download it or print it. A lot of paper-I'd copy it to your computer and copy to (MORE)

How do you operate a craftsman automatic transmission lawn tractor?

\nRelease the parking brake and either use the hand lever or the foot pedal. Push the hand lever forward to go forward and back to go back. If a foot lever then forward pedal to go forward then rear pedal to go backwards. You won't be able to have the blades engaged to go backwards unless you use a (MORE)

How do you dismantle steering gears on craftsman lawn tractor?

\nDepending on which model it could be a pain in the buttock. I had to do mine about 5 years ago. I had to go on line and down load the parts break down to figure it out. Craftsman is actually one of the better web sites as far as finding stuff because their model numbers are very specific (like 5 o (MORE)

An owners manual for a Sears craftsman Generator Model?

Some manuals are available through sears website. If you go to and put your model number of your generator into the appropriate box you will see a list of available parts breakdowns. There should also be a box to enter what you are looking for. Type manual in that box. If th (MORE)

How do you fix craftsman lawn tractor cutting uneven?

Most Craftsman riding mowers have an adjusting nut on the pivoting linkage. If you look on top of the deck there are two arms coming from above that raise and lower the deck. The bottom of these rods are threaded and can be adjusted right there.

Where is the oil plug in a sears lawn tractor?

More info is needed. Sears uses many different engines. We will need to know which engine is in the mower. There should be a tag or sticker on the top of the engine with the brand and HP.

Who manufactures Sears lawn tractors?

They are manufatured by AYP (American Yard Products) which has long been owned by Electrolux and is now part of EHP (Electrolux Home Products) which also includes Husqvarna, Poulan, WeedEater, McCulloch, Partner, Target, etc. It is now managed by Husqvarna.

How much oil does a YT3000 craftsman lawn tractor take?

Sears sells you a replacement filter the price of gold exhange,fram sells the same one for 1/4th the cost. Sears tells you theYT3000 takes 48 oz of oil. however it shoes over filled on the dipstick. The operators manul tells you its 56 oz of oil with thefilter change. Go figure. I changed the filter (MORE)

How do you put mower deck on craftsman lawn tractor?

It is dependent on model, most are: Slide deck under tractor, (might have to remove front adapter) slide deck forward (reinstall front adapter, if removed), slide belt on. Sit in front of tractor, push deck back with legs, during this, engage front adapter to frame. (hard part is done) Set (MORE)

Who builds craftsman lawn tractors?

Amweican Yard Products made thier mowers through about 2007. They are made by huskavarna now. now they are built by MTD a POSmower not by Huskavarna even they are being built by MTD they makealmost every mower out there except names like Grasshopper Kabotaand John deere to name a few.

Are craftsman lawn tractors made in the US?

The first three digits of the model number on a Craftsman Lawn Tractor is a manufacturer's code that tells you who made the product. Sears does not manufacture its own lawn tractors. The lawn tractors are outsourced to many different manufacturers, some in the USA and some in foreign countries.