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Sharp pain in the lower stomach left side area?

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If you keep feeling a sharp pain in your lower left stomach area and have sore breasts are you pregnant?

Answer . Not nessicarily. That could just be the beginnings to your period. Abdominal pain and sore breasts are normal for that. Of course, if you've missed or are lare on

Sharp Pain on Lower left side of Ribs?

Running for a long distance or sprinting can knot up that area of the body. Otherwise i don't know. if it occurs while breathing, shouting or inhaling sharply, and it the pa

What causes a sharp stabbing pain on your lower left side?

PMS if you're a girl. It's usually on the left side. If not that, it could be gas pains or maybe just growing pains. How you slept, what you eat, things like that. OR

Sharp pain in lower left side?

Well, if you're a woman it could be an ovarian cyst. If you take 600 mg of Ibeprofen and put a heating pad on it for a while it should help some, but if it gets worse over tim

Sharp pain on lower right side of stomach?

It may be apendicitis.. - When appendix may need to be removed because it may have bursted and caused infection. Symptoms may be: - Pain may start near belly button and go dow

What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the pain go

Pain in the lower left side of your stomach?

No for sure answer on this one but some women feel a slight pain when the ovaries release an egg and some may feel slight pain during implantation of a fertilized egg.

Had pains in lower left side and pinching sharp pains in womb form 6dpo on and off but 9dpo the pain is in belly button area is this implantation?

This type of pain can because by many different factors: 1. Ovulation. One of the symptoms of ovulation is a pinching pain on the side of the abdomen. this would be the mos

Sharp pain in left side of stomach?

if your a girl or woman,this might mean your period is coming.excersising might help.left side pain could also just be stomach cramp.But if the sharp pain happens often and ev

What causes sharp lower back pain on left side?

Let me start of by saying that you have to go to a doc for a difinitive answer. I'm gonna give you a diffrential diagnosis, so it can be any of these things (or even none of t