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Should you try to raise your baby on your own if you are 15-years-old and want to raise your baby with the father but he does not know if he is ready?

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Babies Raising Babies My daughter had a child at 17. She and the father were both children. Raising a child is a great responsibility and I don't think she could have done it without us, her parents, helping her. I hope your parents will help you. If they can't or won't, try to find help through a support group or religious organization. I wish I could offer easy answers, but there aren't any.
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What should you do if you're a 16-year-old female and you're with a female and you both want a baby but you want to raise it as yours without the actual father in the picture?

Answer   have the baby. make it a good sextual reaction and make sure u love eachother.No one can stop you from following through with your plans, and you can go to a cli

Should a 16-year-old keep her baby if she knows she can take care of it and she has her mother's support but the father doesn't want to be involved?

  Keep your baby   If you truly believe that you can love this child unconditionally, put this child before any other person or thing, except God you should keep it a

How to raise a baby snapping turtle?

Its expensive to raise any turtle really but I got some and its like a 20 gallon tank you put in some rocks like it were a fish and move them to one end and then put in water

How do you raise a baby?

take care of it love nurish it and never leve it alone and if anything try and do the best for him or her.

How does a horse raise its babies?

This is an interesting question. horses don't really raise there babies like we people do, they don't teach them things like we do. Horses teach their babies survival skills,

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That would depend on the type of fish.Goldfish just lay their eggs and leave but when in a tank they will eat their eggs.Male betta fish care for their babys 24/7 for about th