Social security benefits for children with a deceased parent?

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yes the children with deceased parents get social security benefit's. but only if the parents were workers in the US.
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Are there Social Security benefits for children with a deceased parent?

Answer . \nContact your local social security administration office.The child may qualify for social security survivors benefits every month until they are 18.The other li

If a parent receives Social Security benefits can the minor children receive money too?

If a parent receives Social Security Disability (SSDI) or retirement benefits, his or her minor children can also receive a monthly benefit until age 18, or age 19 if the chil

How long can a child collect social security from a deceased parent?

My grandson wants to move in with us the Grandparents, he is getting socialsecruity since his Dad past away. Right now his Mom is getting it can I tranfered that over to us si

Do children with a deceased parent receive social security through college?

No, or very rarely at least. Social Security ends when you either turn 18, or when you graduate from High School. The age that children of a deceased parent stop receiving

Are you entitled to get social security benefits from your deceased ex-husband?

Most widows are eligible to receive benefits for a period of time from Social Security when their husband dies. You should also be eligible to receive the death benefit paymen

Are adult children responsible for social security overpayments on a deceased parent?

I don't know in our case my ex my children's father worked part time receiving social security disability so that caused a $26,000 overpayment divided by two kids = 13 grand p

Can a child collect social security from a deceased parent and child support from the other parent?

The legal guardian of the minor child would be able to collect SS survivor benefits and quite likely additional support from the surviving parent. The child themselves would