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Suggest you some good name for your interior design firm?

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Suggest some catchy name for interior design firm
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Why do some people hire interior designers?

    Answer       Because they want a room to look really perfect and "pulled together" and for things to match well.   I would elaborate and say that t

Who are some famous interior designers?

There are many famous interior designers. Many designers are now famous from television shows, including Jeff Lewis, Candice Olson, and Kathy Ireland. Some famous early interi

Is interior design a good job?

  That's what I wanna do. It all depends on how much you wanna do it. Note: No matter how fun the job is, ALL jobs have some difficulty.

Suggest a name for your website designing company?

htmlelt your face off with our graphix    you're over thinking it. you arent naming a product like O*Y-CLEAN!  you're a company. just pick something you like a roll wi

Can you Suggest me a good name for a women magazine?

well ; a bout hundrend of woman magazine in the world spoke the style life and the life style.. frendship but there's no more about writer cooperation more info hier: open

Is sociology a good course for interior design?

Interior design is mostly emotional. Read professional journals on how human beings are affected by internal spaces. However, you might spend time looking at successful models

Can anyone suggests some names of good media and journalism schools in Kolkata?

        Heres for you the list of Top 5 Media Journalism institutes in kolkata: St Xaviers, Institute of Leadership, entrepreneurship and Development, Pailan,